A Bizarre Stat

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This is a case of "Help Me Help You." I'm going to throw out two statistics and I'm going to see if those who read this work can attempt to provide an answer for these stats. Will they help you become famous? Probably not. Are they interesting? Yes!

The Wattpad Data team does a phenomenal job here exploring all the possible statistics they can get off of this website. They run experiments, they check large scale numbers over time, and they try to analyze everything they can. When you make an observation about Wattpad, saying something like "people are only here to read fanfiction" or "all the popular stories are poorly written," you are making those statements generally based on a very narrow viewpoint. Your beliefs may often conflict with Wattpad's choices because a narrow perspective may not tell the whole story. I'm still learning after years on this website!

Here's something I learned from the tons and tons of data that's been mined out:

More than 85% of all activity on Wattpad is on the app (I knew that!)

Most stories that are read on Wattpad were uploaded through the website, not the app

Go over that again and try to make sense of it. Almost all of the activity on Wattpad is happening on the app, but all of that activity is on stories that weren't written on the app. Strange? Kind of. Explainable? Somewhat...

It can be assumed that those who are uploading through the web are doing it on a computer. Those on a computer have a nice big keyboard to work with and thus they produce works faster because it is easier to type? But the app is mobile, meaning they can be writing wherever they go so does it equal out?

Ok so maybe there are less errors because most people uploading to the web wrote it in a word processor first that was correcting for them? The bigger screen was easier for proofreading?

Nobody really knows the answer to this question. It could be any number of these things or none of them. Why are readers picking works that came from web sources? None of us know where a book came from when reading it, and yet the data does not lie. Strange, isn't it?

Note: This is not a question on why people choose to write on web versus on the app. This is a question on why readers always seem to pick works that were uploaded from the web, not from mobile devices. 

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