Shinobu Kocho ; 🍋

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Shinobu x alpha!male!reader
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Warnings: NSFW!!!!

Sorry! This one's a but shorter than the others!

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Sorry! This one's a but shorter than the others!

Shinobu was a woman of knowledge. She was brilliant, gentle, but also strong. Not to mention, she was exceptionally beautiful. You always wondered how lucky you were to be her alpha.

The two of you match together perfectly with your aggressive, protective behavior and Shinobu's caring but witty personality. Nonetheless, the both of you make a very intimidating pair. Especially when you glare at anyone who would ever touch her.

Oyakaya-sama had decided to send the two of you to train together at the butterfly estate training centre. You worked with her as a pillar, so you could keep everyone safe while always keeping an eye on her. It's an alpha's job, after all.

Later that day after the training, the two of you moved to a more private area. Where Shinobu usually studies and do her research. You kept her company, reading books of your own. Until you realized that she wasn't reading hers, and was instead staring at you with an unreadable expression. But you notice that her usual sweet, reassuring smile wasn't there.

"Shinobu? What's wrong?" You asked her and she flinched, a blush crept visibly on her cheeks as she looked down at her hands which were placed on her lap.

"(Y-y/n).. I..." she mumbled shyly. This worried you, and you stood up from your chair across the room and walked to her desk.

You crouched beside her, looking up on her face to see if she was troubled with something. Her purple orbs lifted to look at you. Her eyes were filled with need, and you could smell it. The smell of sweet orchids and slick. And then it hit you.

"I need your help, (y/n).." she said, pressing her thighs together. But you spun her to your direction and spread open her legs, surprising her from the sudden move.

You rubbed your right thumb in circles on her thigh, looking up at her with a smirk on your lips. "You need me? hmm?" You teased, causing her to furrow her eyebrows and glare at you. But seeing that cute expression makes you wanna keep teasing her. It was her first heat cycle since the two of you were dating. And actually, the timing was perfect. You've been wanting to mark her and now it's time.

You smiled at her before you took of her pants while she sat there, absolutely spoiling her. "Yes." She whispered suddenly, stopping you in mid action. You looked up at her and she repeated, "Yes! I need you, (y/n)!" She whimpered while you smirked, hearing her say your name really made your pants feel tight. It always does.

"Loud and clear, my love." You went up and kissed her passionately, licking on her bottom lip, wanting entrance, to which she refused. You hummed before slipping two fingers into her lubricated clit, causing her to moan out in delight. You took the chance to slip your tongue in her mouth and explore her cavern while pumping your index and middle finger rapidly. She moaned between the kiss, wrapping both her arms around your neck.

You pulled your fingers out of her to grab both of her thighs, lifting her up and setting her down to the desk.

Due to her height, she was light. And her skin was smooth, just like a butterfly.

She kissed you again, her calm demeanor replaced with lustful attitude. She began to undress your top and then her own. You slid down you pants just enough to reveal your large cock and grinded it against her opening. "Hurry.. " she whined, and you gladly complied. Thrusting your full length inside her, her eyes rolled back while she let out a loud moan.

You didn't plan on letting her adjust to you, loving her reaction. Not long after that, you thrusted forward again, her legs now lifted in the air, and her eyes forming tears of pleasure.

You held her hips, rubbing her smooth skin for extra comfort and continued to speed up. You could feel the way her walls tightened onto every part of your cock while you ram her insides. It was blissful.

You grit your teeth while hearing her soft cries. It was music to your ears.

You felt a bit guilty, due to her small figure, it was amazing how she could take all of your huge cock in one go.

You felt her hand place on too of yours and she lifted it up to place it on her breast, you fondled it as you leaned forward to leave butterfly kisses on her neck. Sucking and biting, marking her as yours and yours only.

She smiled, your eyes locking for a while before she pulled you in for another kiss. You could feel yourself getting close, and you could tell she was too. No words were spoken, but the both of you could feel each other's emotions, and know each other's thoughts.

You felt your base grow large, stretching her even more and locking inside her. She moaned out your name and tightened around you. This pushed you over the edge and the two of you came together. You came deep inside her womb, surely impregnating her. "Ahhn!~ (y-y/n).." she cried out.

But you didn't plan to stop here.

"Ready for round two?" You huffed and picked her up in bridal style, taking her to the bed.

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