We are back in the house in District Twelve. The children are outside, but they're not playing. The girl with dark hair and blue eyes, no longer dancing, but practicing her archery skills. The boy with the blond curls and grey eyes isn't struggling to keep up with her anymore - he's almost stronger now. They've matured in ways I'd never thought I'd see. I thought they'd be kept in a shadow forever, hidden from the world of the Capitol and the Hunger Games. It's how I wanted it to be. But now I am so glad they've seen it. They are heroes now, to all of Panem, and not because of their heritage.

Peeta is baking cheese bread, of course, but not for us. Haymitch and Meld sit at the kitchen table, drinking and laughing, swapping stories. Meld has become a good friend of ours. He has become the new President of District Thirteen, exporting Hetiueocapholyl nationwide, for good uses only. The workers in District Thirteen don't begrudge me too much for killing Coin - no one likes a dictator.

Panem is back to normal, with the surviving Tributes at home, recovering from their experience. The Capitol has been put into lockdown, with guards patrolling the area regularly. There will be no Capitol in power again.

I quickly gather books up in Oeno's room and put them on her desk and make Ku's bed, doing motherly things that seems so normal they are sweet in comparison to what we've been through. Pulling on my boots and braiding my hair, I sweep down to the kitchen and peck Peeta lightly on the cheek. His scars are still healing, but then again, so are all our scars.

I grab my bow and arrow and walk through the town, nodding and smiling at people who thank me now for not just being the Mockingjay, but letting my chidlren be Mockingjays too. I duck under the fence and tread lightly through the Meadow, ignoring the fact there are bones beneath my feet.

And in the Meadow, I meet Gale.

The End

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