'Wherever you go, i want to be there.

Whatever you need, i'll always come through.

Whenever you feel alone, you'll always have me.

I'm in love with you... But you have no clue do you?' --Chanyeol

'I'm considered damaged, I've made mistakes i'm not proud of, But i'm still a good person who's finding his way through life, yet my faults may become the reason i end up alone.. --Kyungsoo


Do Kyungsoo copes through life after suffering a traumatic life changing lost and at a young age

Park Chanyeol His best friend since birth, literally, has been there at every step.

Has tried denying his feelings but gave into them after realizing he couldn't be without him.., Secretly falling in love with him with each passing day, In which Kyungsoo is oblivious of.

Good thing he hides it well, Maybe even too well.., Chanyeol would wait as long as it took, although he's patient, patience runs thin eventually... But knowing of his struggles.. specifically with anxiety.. panic attacks and ptsd episodes

In which Kyungsoo dubs himself complicated, Chanyeol doesn't want to ruin their friendship due to his one sided feelings. He'd rather be a friend first and push them aside.

Interestingly enough Chanyeol gets clear shot when people around Kyungsoo start to change and some begin showing their true colors, Bringing the already guarded Kyungsoo pain and trust issues, Will it lead him straight to Chanyeol who's been quietly waiting in the wings or will Kyungsoo become hopelessly tied to another through an eerie past?


'We could all use that someone who makes us feel safe and loved..' --Kyungsoo

'Maybe that someone has been here with you all along...' --Chanyeol


Genre:: Thriller, Romance, Coming of age. 

About:: Love, trauma, Obsession, Fate, Lust, Promiscuity, Harsh reality in life.

[READ] Disclaimer 'Mature Content' Rated PG13, (Story turns very dark as it progresses)

This story isn't suitable for all ages, Contains BoyxBoy, Strong language, Depictions of violence and strong sexual content throughout, If any of these situations make you uncomfortable please don't continue on with the story


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