Chapter Twenty-Eight: Captured

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"W-what?" I asked with a frown as Simon got me up from the bed. Zach stepped forward as Simon pulled me towards him, making me lean on his chest. "Simon, I trust Zach." I said and pulled myself away from him. "I'll explain later, for now we need to get out of here." He stated, looking around the room. Not again.

"At least give us bits of information!" I asked as he unlocked the window and opened it. "And why should we trust you, you came from Leo." Simon hissed. Zach sigh in annoyance and looked at us, "We need to leave then I'll explain everything." He said. Simon and I exchanged looks but we agreed.

They began to pound on the door and Simon took my hand and helped me out of the window. I ignored the fact that everything hurt. I jumped down and grunt in pain as Simon went down and held me close and Zach following suit.

"W-what now?" I asked, clueless of what to do. The walls were made with bricks, and the mansion was surrounded by a fence and behind that fence was a forest. We were inside a forest. "We jump." Zach stated, pointing towards the fence. I nod and Simon sigh, "(Y-y/n), I don't know if we should really be doing this..." Simon said, unsure and worried.

"I trust Zach," I said and went to a long silent and looked into his eyes, "You can leave me. But I'm going with Zach, Simon. I can't trust anyone so easily anymore." I said, trying my best to fight back the tears. I had only just arrived and yet, I'm already saying goodbye.

Simon gripped my hand and smiled, "You've changed a lot, (y/n)." He said as he hopped on the fence and held a hand. I smiled and let him help me. And just then, we heard footsteps coming towards us. I turned around and saw nurses with syringes and soldiers coming towards us with a gun.

I gasp and made my action quicker. And just then, my skirt got stuck at the sharp tip of the fence. Simon teared it off and we began running. I was in my bare feet, I had nothing on but a white dress. They began to shoot, almost hitting me but only to shot the trunk of the trees.

"Zach, would you mind explaining what the hell is going on?!" I asked while running. "We need to leave this place first!" He yelled and I nod. And before I knew it, I felt something sharp on my feet as I stopped dead in my tracks and fell down. Simon stopped and so did Zach. They were getting closer, all because of my stupidity.

I looked behind and they were a few meters behind me. I looked at Simon and Zach, panic coursing through my veins. I couldn't walk, I couldn't move. The pain on my side was killing me, and the pain on my feet. "Leave!" I said as Simon hesitated. "But—" I shook my head and smiled, "Leave, Simon." I stated.

I fought back the tears, not letting my feelings get the best of me. Zach took Simon's shoulder as  Simon looked back at me, wanting to help me. I mouth I love you as they ran. I looked down on my feet and there was a big piece of a wine glass bottle shard stuck.

And then, a shadow blocked the sun as I looked up. The soldiers moved and two nurses made me still with a needle in hand with some sort of liquid in it. "Stop." I heard a familiar voice say and they didn't injected the liquid. I saw Sebastian come into view as I frowned, "Sebastian..." I mutter.

He started laughing and looked down at me, "Those idiots...leaving you was the most idiotic thing to do," He sigh. "This is too easy, huh." He rolled his eyes. I felt confused, even terrified. "W-what? Sebastian what is this? Explain everything!" I demanded.

"Why would I?" Sebastian gave me a sly smirk in return. "Aren't we siblings?" I asked, frowning even more. He started laughing once again and ordered the nurses to take me back. They began to forcefully drag me back to the mansion, despite the shard on my feet.

As they did, one of them injected the unknown fluid as I fell asleep.

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