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WANDA MAXIMOFF'S MIND HELD MANY TERRIBLE MEMORIES. She was nothing more than a box filled with memories. She was probably the most traumatised person she had ever seen.

That opinion changed when she met Will Byers that fateful day in the arcade.

At first his mind was blurry, she could barely piece together what he had seen. Perhaps he was recovering from trauma, abuse?

But then Wanda saw a something that pieced every fibre of her being. She could not describe it, for it was too terrifying to explain. It was almost like taboo to say its name. She couldn't even bring herself to say what she had seen. To tell someone that perhaps this reality is one of many.

Will Byers, in 1983, was reported missing. The only traces left of him were a blood stain and his bicycle. There was no explanation for where he had went. He was pronounced dead when they had discovered his body in the lake.

That wasn't the end of the story.

He was a prisoner inside a dimension filled with cruelty and horrid. He spent days in fear of being discovered and killed. He missed his Mom and brother and just wanted to see them one last time. He wanted to see his friends and play more Dungeons and Dragons. He just wanted to be free.

However that wasn't the full story of what Wanda saw on that fateful day.

A monster, a monster loomed in his mind. It was almost like the plague. It was contagious in his mind, holding him captive in the very thing that you should be safe in. His mind was like rats, crawling with disgusting disease and infection.

And if Wanda was brave enough, she could see the massive, horrid being that tangled Will Byers in strings.

That being was the puppet master and Will was the puppet.

And so as both she and Steve were off to the Wheeler's house, all she could think about was that monster. Even as they stood outside the house, waiting for Nancy Wheeler to open the door and jump into Steve's arms like she had done so many times before, Wanda was in a trance.

But that all changed when the boy with Cleidocranial Dysplasia came up to Steve, snatched the flowers and asked for help.

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