The crash almost knocks me out, but I am still there, choking on smoke from a fire that has erupted from one of the controller boards. The room is completely black now, with bodies of the Gamemakers slumped over their desks, lifeless, bloodied.

I scramble to my feet, my ankle screaming in pain, my skin cut in various places, but I know I have to run. If Katniss is out there, she will have back up, members of District Thirteen, maybe, who see the people aboard this ship as an enemy. The will kill me. I have to run. I have to run to Oeno.

Falling multiple times and coughing from smoke inhalation, I eventually find my way out of the ship, the light from outside blinding me for a moment. I stumble over the rubble, when suddenly, someone grabs my ankle. I turn to see Snow, his face matted in blood, a furious expression on his face. "Mellark!" he hisses, pulling me to the ground. We fight and my veins fill with adrenaline. I kick his face, punch him, until he falls again. Ignoring the pain in my limbs, I look towards where Oeno had been standing, and run. I hear Snow screaming from behind me, but I don't turn back, don't give him time to chase me.

Tributes are scattered around the debris, some pale, unconscious, some scrambling on all fours towards something. I look up and see hundreds of workers in grey clothes carrying guns, first-aid kits, everythiing, racing towards the Tributes. 

I look to see where Oeno is, and instead of seeing her, I see her body. 

Someone is holding her, someone wearing black.

Her hair is braided.


I sprint as hard as I can towards her, when suddenly, I am blown off my feet from the force of the explosion that comes from the sky.

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