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"Aayat, wake up you're getting late for the college!" Yelled my Ammi as she was trying to wake me up for the university. But little did she knew that I was faking to be asleep because for the first time in my life, I didn't wanted to go to the uni.

She shook me while attempting to wake me up. But everything was in vain as I was being so stubborn for not going to uni.

"Why are you behaving like this Aayat beta, I know you're not like this! I don't believe you." My Ammi declared in a worried voice.

Why was I really behaving this way? This is really not me! Ammi is right I am not among those who can ever skip going to uni. I am not one of those who avoids the situations.

So what if I had been pushed into something I didn't wanted to be in? I am strong and I can handle this. Moreover, Social Service Group is one of the best opportunity to serve to the mankind. So what if that person is the one who is also going to be there. It will not stop me from doing what is good. He assumes that I will be scared by him but little does he know that I am not an ordinary girl, I am Aayat Saeed, a strong girl who is brave and confident.

With the positive thoughts engulfing my mind, I finally decided that I will not regret over this thing again and I was going to face what was coming with confidence.

"Aayat, see Humaira is calling! Get up baby, you're getting late!" Ammi's voice brought me out of my trance and with the widest smile on my lips I opened my eyes and sat on my bed.

"Allah Ka shukr hai (thank god!)that you're awake.Now get fresh and come downstairs. Everyone had done breakfast except you." Ammi said while Rolling her eyes and getting up from my bed but I stopped her by holding her wrist and gave a hug to her and said,
"okay Ammi, love you!"

She patted on my cheek and went downstairs while I quickly selected my pair of clothes and went to take shower.

After few hours
( at the university)

"Assalam walaikum girls!" I and Humaira both said in unison to Soniya and Naiza who were sitting on their seats in the class. With a lot of difficulty I managed to come uni at time not to forget the scolding I got from Humaira for coming late.

"Walaikum salam! How come you two are late today? As far as I remember it's always us two who come late?" Naiza asked as she was completing her notes.

Humaira glared at me as I mouthed her a sorry and explained,
"All thanks to Aayat who woke up late today!"

Soniya and Naiza started laughing as they said,
"Stop joking humi, we know if somebody is sleepy head in our group, it's you and not Aayat!"

Humaira's eyes grew big as saucer as I too joined laughing. Poor Humaira. I was still controlling my laugh when Naiza said while narrowing her eyes at me,

"And you Aayat! You have got to explain what had gotten into you yesterday? Why you left the college so early without informing us? "

Everyone nodded to her and I just said,
"I will explain everything but not now as the lecture is about to start. I will explain everything in the break."

All of them said okay and than soon after that the lecture started.

Few hours later:

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