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"I am pregnant."

Jungkook closed his eyes while drinking when he got home. He can't believe what just happened, Dahyun is pregnant.


"Wh-what?" Jungkook repeats. He wants to ask her if she's joking.

"I am pregnant, Jungkook. I am carrying a baby in me." Dahyun cried out. Jungkook looked around, she isn't joking.

"D-did you have tests?" Dahyun wiped her tears and brought out two pregnancy test kits she used and handed it to him. "This can't be—"

"I know you'll be acting that way, what should we do about this? I am scared."

"Dahyun... W-we can't..."

"What? We can't keep this? I know, do you have any idea aside from saying that? I am tired, Jungkook. I'm sorry, I know you're thinking about your future with BTS but what about me???" Dahyun sobbed. "I am not thinking about what I can become more if I stayed with TWICE. I am too young, I don't know how I will handle this. Should I withdraw from the group now? Everyone would find out about this soon as my tummy gets bigger. I just want to escape from this, I can't." She shook her head.

"No, no. No, Dahyun. Don't withdraw from TWICE, don't do anything yet. We'll figure this out together." Jungkook hugged her. "I'm sorry." Dahyun pushed him.

"This is not what I expected to happen in my life, Jungkook. A child is a blessing, but this scares me a lot."

"We— should keep this first."

"How? Until when? Are you going to keep me???"

"I don't know, Dahyun. I don't know it yet."

"I don't know either, Jungkook! I am really tired. I feel sick for almost a week until now!"


Jungkook didn't go to work after that day, Dahyun kept calling him but he can't and he's drowned to alcohol.

Dahyun kept crying and decided to left home, she knows Jungkook is in his apartment and she went there. She saw him at the living room drinking.

"You think I don't want to drink to? Will this solve anything, Jungkook???"

He's just quiet.

"Sorry." He said.

"Sorry, Jungkook? Sorry, only? What will your apologies do about this??? Talk to me! Pull yourself together!" Dahyun yanked the can beer away from him and threw it somewhere.

She grabbed his collar.

"What do you want me to do?!" She asked.


"What? Dahyun didn't come to JYP?" Jin asked talking to Jungyeon over the phone.

"No sunbae."

"Jisoo told me she's going out yesterday but she didn't come home, she didn't talk to her over the phone or something but she sent a message." Jin said.

"She didn't come here last night, we're at our dorm now. I made it check to JYP if she's there, I called Jackson sunbaenim but she's not there."

"Where did she go? I've been calling her a lot of times but it isn't ringing now." Jin said.

"Is Jungkook there?"

"No, he didn't come to wo— I'll call you back, Jungyeon. Thank you."

He hang it up and dialed Jungkook's number.


Jungkook woke up by his phone ringing, he feels his head aching and answered it.

"Ya! Where are you! Your girlfriend is missing for almost 24 hours now, didn't you know that??? Where is she??? Where are you?!" Jin yelled.

"Dahyun." He got up and hang up. "Ugh!" His head feels so much pain from drinking. "Dahyun? Are you here? I'm no longer drunk, I'm sorry. Please." He cannot stand and falls back to the couch. "Sht." He cursed.

After few minutes, Jin got to his house.

"Ya, Jungkook. Did you two fought? What is this? Why is your place really messy, have you gone mad? Why is there a broken bottle of alcohol, you drank? Where is she???" He asked.

"I-I don't know, hyung."

"You know where she is?" Jungkook shook his head. "Be honest with me, Jungkook. She's gone for almost a day but her things and everything are still in the house and at their dorm."

"Sh-she came here yesterday, I don't remember anything." He said.

"What??? You two fought, I knew it!" Jin pushed him. "Wake up! Pull yourself together, Jungkook!"

Jungkook went to his room and took a bath, he kept calling Dahyun's number but no one answers. It is not ringing.

He sighed.

"What exactly happened?" Jin asked. His phone rang, it is JYP. "Why is he calling me now?" He sighed, Jungkook looked at him. "PD-nim." Jin answered.

"Mister Kim, do you know anything about what's happening to Dahyun?"

"I know sir, she's been missing and can't contact her."

"No, Mister Kim Seokjin."

Jungkook kept looking at him.

"What?!" Jungkook stood up when he heard him very shocked, Jungkook yanked Jin's phone from him. "Ya! Jungkook! Give that back, we do not have a fcking time for this!"

He looked at the screen and it's JYP.

"Let me talk to him, hyung. Please. PD-nim." Jungkook spoke.

"Jungkook, we don't know where she is. We became very shocked this morning, she emailed us, we don't know what's happening to her. What's going on?"

"Just get to the point PD-nim, what did you say to Jin hyung?"

"She sent us a message, she is terminating her contract with us. She is withdrawing from TWICE, I sent her a message. We kept contacting her but there's nothing after that, I think you should know."

Jungkook was shaking after hearing that.

"C-can you tract where she sent the email to you?"

"Yes, we are now looking into that."

"When was the last time you saw her, Jungkook?" Jin asked.

"Yesterday, morning hyung..." He answered.

"Jungkook, we already saw it."

Jin sighed and looked away from Jungkook.

"Thank you, PD-nim. Y-yes." Jungkook hang up.

"Why did you hang up?! Where will we be finding her??? Why is she leaving? Where is she going??? She's withdrawing from TWICE? This is driving me crazy, really." Jin said.

"I gotta go, hyung. I'm sorry." Jungkook rushed going out of his house and get to his car.

"Ya! Jeon Jungkook, where are you going??? Do you know where she is???"

"It's from Seoul station. Do you know where she's heading?"

He remembered what JYP said before he hang up the phone.

"This can't be, will they let her in to Gyeonggi?"


Stay safe, guys :))))

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