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For the last few months I've had the biggest crush on my best friend Lauren's uncle. It's not actually as gross as it sounds, her uncle is only 25. However I just turned 17 three months ago and started my senior year of high school last week.

Recently, Lauren's uncle Harry has run into some financial issues and moved into her house. Since her house is practically my second home, I always see him and I'm definitely not complaining about it.

I've caught him checking me out a handful of times but he's never tried anything with me. All I want is to feel his body against mine and sometimes I think he feels the same. I'm not very confident, so there's no way I'd be the first one to make a move but if he did I wouldn't stop him.

The day I met him, he was sitting on the couch when I walked in the front door not even bothering to knock because Lauren's parents said I practically lived here so there was really no point. I remember the look on his face as we just stared at each other. I wasn't expecting some hot guy to be sitting on the couch and he most likely wasn't expecting some random teenage girl to burst through the front door.

Lauren ran down the stairs once she heard me slam the door and saw the looks on our faces so she introduced us and then dragged me up to her room. After that I asked her all about him and learned that he's in fact single, has a thing for music, hates when people spit, likes to drink, and owns an expensive car but not his own place apparently.

The way I feel for him hasn't been like any other crush either. Sure I've liked many different boys but I've never daydreamed about doing erotic things with them but with Harry that's one of the main things I've thought about. I feel so dirty but I can't help it, I'm hooked.

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