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You were on your way home after a long day at work. You lived close to your job so you always walked to work, you had no problem with it because you loved being outside anyways. Your phone began to buzz in your pocket, you took it out to find it was your British friend Arthur Kirkland.

'Wonder what he needs.' You thought to yourself as you answered the phone.


"Hello love are you busy right now?"

"No just walking home from work, whats up."

"Great, would you like to come over tonight?"

"Sure I don't have anything to do anyway."

"Alright I will pick you up later, see you then love." You hung up the phone and continued your walk home. He had been your friend for as long as you can remember, you two were very close, you fell for him almost immediately but you kept your feelings inside. You got home took a shower anf put on some comfy clothes about 30 minutes later you heard your doorbell ring.

"Coming just a minute!" You walked to open the door and there stood Arthur.

"Hello love, are you ready to go?"

"Yes I am just let me get my keys."

"Alright." You got your keys, locked up, and walked outside to his car.

"So what do you have planed when we get to your house." You asked curious as to why he asked you over.

"I got a movie, I felt you might enjoy it too, and watching a movie is more fun with you." You blushed slightly at the last remark. 'I am sure he only ment it as friend, but can I think of it as more than that?' You thought to yourself. The two of you drove to his house talking about random things. You arrived and went inside his house.

"So what movie did you get?" You asked as you plopped yourself on the couch.

"The kind we both enjoy, horror."

"You didn't call me over because you were too scared to watch it on your own, did you?" You teased. He chuckled.

"No like I said it is more fun watching a movie with you." He got some snacks, put the movie on, and sat down next to you. The lights were off and the movie began. The two of you went to grab some chips and both your hands touched. You pulled away quickly. "S-sorry." You stuttered out. 'Did I just stutter?!' You looked up at hin it was dark in the room but you could feel his emerald green eyes looking at your (e/c) ones. You started to feel your face blush, you looked away and turned to the tv. You felt a hand set on your cheek and move your head to meet his eyes again. Your face started to blush even more.

"(Y/n)." He said your name in a soft voice and right after you felt his lips smack onto yours.You felt his tongue asking for entrance into your mouth. You were still shocked by his actions, but soon aloud him to enter. He shot his tongue in and played with yours. He gently pushed you down on the couch and got on top of you. His hand moved up under your (f/c) shirt. His hand reached you breasts and he slipped under your bra he gently squeezed your nub and you let out a soft moan. He started to massage your breast and then lifted your shirt over your head removing it. He moved is hand down to your jeans and unbuttoned them his hand slipped down to you (f/c) panties that were a bit wet.

"A bit wet are we?" His finger teased you rubbing your clit. His free hand slipped your (f/c) bra off leaving your upper body exposed. He latched his lips onto your breast sucking on it and you let out another soft moan.

"Let me hear you more love." Arthur thrusts two fingers into your opening and thrusted them in and out. You let out louder moans.

"Ah A-Arthur I f-feel like I a-am going to c-cum!" You could feel yourself reaching your climax.

"Then come love." He whispered in your ear and then nibbled on it. You came on his fingers and he licked them clean.

"Shall I clean you now." He said as he made his way down to your wet opening. You stoped him.

"Whats wrong love?" He asked. You blushed a bit and spoke.

"Youre f-fully clothed and I am half nude." You managed to stutter out. He smiled and looked at you.

"Then strip me love." You wrapped your fingers on his shirt and slipped it of, you then went down to undo his pants. You slipped them down and he was left in his boxers with his country's flag print on then, his hardened member was very noticeable. You blushed and he pushed you down on the couch again. He made his way downb to your opening once again and licked it clean you moaned as he did this. He got up on his knees and pulled your panties off, you then pulled off his boxers leaving both of yours and his body completely nude. You grabbed his member with both of your hands and started pumping. The very tip of his member you licked. He moaned out and inserted two fingers in your opening thrusting them in and out again.

"Ah....Faster.....more!" He moaned out. You pumped faster and continued licking.

"I'm going to cum!" You pumped a bit faster and with a few more pumps he came all over your face. You let go of his member and he took his fingers out of you and once again gently pushed you on the couch as he got on top of you.

"Are you ready love?" He asked as he positioned his member to enter your opening. You nod and brace yourself, after all he was your first. With one thrust he enters you, you scream in pain and tears begin to fall from your eyes. He licks them away and gives you time to adjust.

"Tell me when to move." After a few minutes you began to feel pleasure cancel out the pain and you moan. He existed and slamed back into you he thrusted in and out looking for your g-spot. You screamed in pleasure when he hit it. "Ah..... Arthur right there!" He continued hitting your g-spot and you felt yourself reaching your end. "A-Arthur.....I f-feel like I a-am going t-to cum!" "M-me too love!" He fastened his pace and the only sounds you heard were yours and his skin slamming together and both of your moans filling up the room. With one more hard thrust you came all over his member and his warm seed shot into you. After taking a bit of time to catch his breath he existed you a string of both of your juices connecting your opening and his member. He layd down next to you and pulled you close to him. He kissed the back of your head. "I love you (y/n)." He whispered in your ear. "I love you too Arthur." "Lets do it in the shower next love." He smiled, you smiled too and nodded your head. Both of you fell asleep in each other's arms and didn't wake till morning.

// this is my first lemon so sorry if it wasn't all that great =_= I tried and I don't know but there might be a few or a lot of mistakes so yeeeaaaa.....hope you enjoyed and I might take requests. 》karlalala :3

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