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"Harry's dead?" Carrie sobbed.

Ashley slowly nodded trying to control her own tears. She hugged her trying to comfort her.

"How bad was it?" Liam asked.

"Quite bad. It was horrendous." Louis shook his head.

"How did he even get out there?" Zayn asked.

"I don't know. We went downstairs and the door was open."

"He should've stayed here." Niall commented.

"I don't think it was Harry's fault." Ashley said. Her breathing was normal again and the tears were wiped away.

"What do you mean?" Carrie asked.

"I think I know why Stephanie and Harry died the way they did. I also think I know who did it."

"Well?" Louis motioned her to go on.

"Well Harry told me he was being watched by a ghost the day you all packed up to move into our room. We looked for her in the book and it was Melanie Van Pelt. One of her hobbies included sewing, hence the stitches on Harry's face."

"Wait what?!" Carrie gasped.

"Harry's eyes and mouth were sewn shut." Louis said cringing at the harsh description.

Carrie's hand shot up to her mouth as she sobbed more. The guys muttered curse words under their breath.

"Melanie committed suicide in the same backyard by hanging herself from the tree which is where the swing is now. She couldn't marry the boy she had fallen in love with. So I'm guessing Melanie was a flirt. She was pretty and Harry believed so too. So possibly she hypnotized him and took him outside. Melanie also said Harry had taken her heart away so I guess in some way she had a crush on him."

"How do you know she had a crush on him?" Zayn asked.

"Um she took his heart out and put it on a rock and wrote a message in blood saying she took his heart away 'cause he did the same to her." Ashley explained with great difficulty as her friends' facial expression changed.

"Oh my God!" Carrie cried out and sat on the floor crying into her knees.

Liam immediately sat down beside her trying his best to console her by taking her into his arms. Carrie sobbed loudly grabbing onto him.

"What about Steph?" Niall asked.

"There's only one person who died in a bathtub in the Van Pelt family. Jessica Van Pelt. She drowned while taking a bath and they never found out what was the cause. She had long brown hair and she was fifteen. I believe the ghost I had seen beside the bookshelf was her. So I'm guessing she killed Stephanie. Basically, the ghosts are recreating parts of their deaths on each of us in just more horrific ways."

"That's helpful to know." Zayn said sarcastically sitting down on the bed holding his head in his hands.


"I found two shovels in the backyard. We need to bury Harry's and Stephanie's bodies. We can't just have them lying around. Who wants to help?" Louis walked into the large sitting room with the two heavy metal objects in his hands.

Harry was still on the swing with his back facing towards the house. The gang decided not to sit in the dining area at all as they could still see him from there.

"I'll help." Niall got up taking one of the shovels.

"We'll take turns digging." Liam said.

Louis nodded and signaled Niall to meet him outside.

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