2. Newbie

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The doctor orders me to rest the next day. My mom basically watches my every move for the day, but I understand why. She tries to make conversation but I tell her I'm too tired to talk about anything.

A nurse comes in to bring me my meals. They try to change it around sometimes but it doesn't really matter to me as long as I'm eating.

Nurse Jackson
"Who's the new girl?" I ask McAndrews as he leans against the desk rubbing his forehead, probably from stress.

"Morgan Scott. She got admitted a few days ago for a few mental health issues including an eating disorder. Long story short she tried to do some things to herself and ended up having to get stitches in her head.

My eyes widen as he tells me the patients conditions.

"She also has a broken and scarred wrist. Could've lost a lot of blood. Luckily her brother heard what was happening and called for an ambulance. She needs to be here for the next few months. I'm not sure what we're gonna do but we need to fix this girl."

I nod as I take in the news. "Do you think introducing her to some of the patients might help?"

"Maybe, but I have a feeling she won't want to surround herself with anyone." He says. "I think I have some specific kids in mind."

"I know exactly who you're talking about."

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