Chapter 1: A new foe arises...

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After the events of "Gekko Everywhere", the PJ Masks were walking back to HQ with laughter, only to be stopped by a purple helicopter landing and a familiar face hopping out.

???: Hey, guys. What'd I miss?

Catboy: Well, long story short, Gekko found a crystal while retrieving the Cat-Car from the moat, started teleporting everywhere, managed to defeat some bad guys, but Armadylan put it back where it came from, we saved the day.

Gekko: Uh, I think you forgot the part where you guys got angry because I was faster than you.

Catboy: Just telling Batarina the IMPORTANT details, thank you very much. T_T

Batarina: Well, I think bat's (that's) pretty much detailed enough for me. (giggles)

Owlette: Come on, guys. Let's go back to HQ and see if there's anything else we need to straighten out.

PJ Masks (except Gekko): (head back to HQ)

Batarina: (spots Gekko staring at the moat) Uh, buddy? Aren't you coming with?

Batarina also got distracted by the moat, as she and Gekko found a strange mermaid-octopus-thing stalking the Teleporting Crystal. One of its tentacles then grabs the crystal.

Batarina and Gekko (photo below belongs to p0ketiger, not me): 

Batarina and Gekko (photo below belongs to p0ketiger, not me): 

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Owlette: Come on, guys!

Gekko: Huh? Coming! (runs to HQ with Batarina)

Meanwhile, inside the moat, the mysterious figure heads back to her hideout with her Teleporting Crystal back to her presence. Her pet crab also lives in the hideout.

?1: My precious, I'm glad I have you back. Let me just put you back in my collection and-- (tries to get the crystal off of her tentacle but keeps struggling)

?2: Chirp-chirpity-chirpy-chirp? ("Need any help, boss?")

?1 (who apparently can understand ?2's crab noises): Nope, it's alright. I got this. (continues struggling, then gives up) You know what? I'll just worry about getting this off later. In the meantime, try collecting some more crystals for me.

?2: Chirpy, chirp. ("OK, boss.")

?1: And don't call me "boss", Percival! I'm a lady!

Percival: Chirp, chirpy. ("Yes, lady.") (leaves)

???: Those PJs won't know what's coming to them once we first meet. (laughs maniacally)

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