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JIM HOPPER HAD A QUERY ABOUT HIS NEW 'SECRETARY'. Her name was Martha Maximoff, she was middle ages and a widow with her nearly eighteen year old daughter, Wanda. She had moved to Hawkins from Sokovia and was a very feminist woman. She had a temper the size of a raging fire.

But what really threw Hopper off was why she left Hawkins years prior. She had moved from Sokovia to Hawkins and then back again. She had left with a family of four and came back with a family of two.

Research was very much needed when Jim Hopper had heard the woman's last name. It spiked familiarity in a way. It rang some bells, some very loud bells. And so that's what he did. He began his long research, going through files after files in his office. Was he looking for some type of closure? He didn't know. Ease, perhaps?

He had gone through nearly the whole of the 'M' files, only finding records of people he barely recognised. May? Malinda? He had no idea who those people were and couldn't care a bit. The chief of police was about to give up when he saw a document with a familiar last name?


The man scratched his head as he read the perplexing files recorded. Last seem playing in the snow? Last seen midday? Her children were missing for years. The hot headed woman didn't have closure for a decade.

Perhaps it was just chance that two young children aged five were taken. Perhaps they were just pawns in the sex trade or something horrible. But then his memory of his chat about other experiments with Eleven invaded his mind.

''She like me... but weapon... not spy...'' 

The young girl had a deep connection to the experiment, Hopper could tell. He didn't know who 003 was, or if she was even alive, but he just knew that someone actually cared for El. Someone looked out for her and made sure she was okay. That... comforted the man for some odd reason.

And at that moment, Hopper knew who the Maximoff's were. He knew that they were victims. He knew that Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro were the two numbers Eleven talked fondly about.

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