Ch. 5 Sudden Realizations

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Brad Bell's P.O.V.

I did what I had to do, I mean I couldn't let him get away? Could I? No! Adam deserves this fate no matter what. He, he left me. I looked down at the soon to be corpse. Adam, such a wonderful name. No it's... it's not. 

"Brad, get off me!."

"No!" I saw him cry under my weight, well didn't he care about the many times I'd cried? All the tears that were shed for HIM! I looked into his face which was covered in bruises from what I did to him. I don't now why but I.... I just love to cut and hurt him, it gives me joy to see the man that I despise the most to be in all that pain, and I would give him more.

"Your so pretty Addy." I cooed as I stroke his cheek. A tear rolled down his eye, good.

"I would just love to kiss you..... to touch you.... why don't we take you clothes off? Hm? I'll give you one more  chance if you just moan for me?" He shook his head and cursed at me.

"Why can't you just make this easier?! Huh?! What's wrong with you?!..." My voice became calm again, "Oh Addy, you know, you're so weak. I mean you're just such a rich prissy that you can't even defend yourself. All my life I've had to defend myself. I had to coat my heart in steel so I wouldn't get hurt. I let my guard down on you. I let you in. Then I only cheat on you with a woman on our anniversary and you go crazy. You leave me! Why?!" More tears rolled down his face.

"I hope that you feel guilty you worthless idiot! I hope that this hurts you too much. Then I'll torture you, I'll make you feel pain..."

I looked up at the now opening door to find a dead man. No wait, what? I killed him, I killed Tommy, he had no pulse, I... I.

"Brad, what are you doing here like this, get out now. I've called the police, they're here. Get off  of him right now!"

"What... no... I killed you!"

"Get out now!"


"They're headed towards this room."

"How did you?" Then the authorities rushed into the room and ran towards the panic room. No, this was going so well. I can't believe it though, I... I killed him! He was dead, or maybe not apparently.

"Get off of him, and put your hands on your head right now!"

"No! I have a gun, I'll blow all you sky high!"

"It's over now. put it down!" I took the safety off, I would do what I had to to get what I wanted.

"It's over now, put it down!"

"No! It's over for YOU!" I raised my gun ready to kill. Then felt something small speed into me and then explode. What, oh god it's bleeding, so painful. It, it hurts so much.

My knees no longer supported me as I fell on top of that idiot Addy and closed my eyes for the last time as I heard something that had already killed me.

"Glitterbaby I love you." Then blackness too my pain away.

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