♥Chapter 9- New Story♥

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Acchan  was singing by the window. "Kokoro no dokoka ni, hitotsu hoshi ga aru, unmei no hito sundeiru to oshierareta, kanashii toki ni wa, tentaibouenkyou, sora ni mukete mada mienai ai wo sagasu," Mariko woke up to the soothing sound of her voice. She smiled. "Haruka Kanata dareka ga, ki ga tsuite kuretara, toki wo koete, itsuka wa, tadoritsuku hikari no messenjii." Acchan continued. "Machigai naku koko ni aru yo me wo fusetetemo." Mariko chimed in. "Kyozetsu shiteiru no ja naku bukiyou na dake machigai naku matteiru wasurareretemo guuzen ga kimi to kasanatta toki, anata ni aeru hazu." they sang together. They smiled and laughed.There wasn't much laughter the last few days. "Good morning." Acchan smiled. "Good morning." Mariko said cheerfully. "Mariko, let's work hard and outshine Michan 'kay?" Acchan winked. "Sure. Let's work hard together." Mariko smiled back. Acchan smiled. "Acchan and Mariko please report to Kaori's office. Acchan and Mariko please report to Kaori's office, thank you have a nice day." a lady said. Mariko and Acchan looked at eachother. It's been a long time since Acchan went there. "What could it be?" Acchan asked. "I don't know but we need all the luck we can get." Mariko said. They both walked to Kaori's door. They nodded at eachother and walked in. "Good morning girls." Kaori greeted. "Good morning Kaori-san." Acchan and Mariko said seriously. "Why are you so serious? Relax your shoulders." Kaori said, putting her hands on their shoulders. "So why did you call us here?" Mariko asked confused. Kaori smiled. "I have an announcement to make. Girls come in." Kaori instructed.Eight new successors walked into the office. "It's Acchan! Acchan! Takamina it's Acchan!" Yuko exclaimed. "Yes, Yuko it's Acchan. Calm yourself. Sorry, she's a really big fan." Takamina smiled. Acchan blushed. Someone who loved her. "Everyone, from now on you'll be the next generation successors. After Michan has graduated many successors graduated. You will all debut as a new team with Acchan and Mariko in the front. On the side of Acchan will be Yuko, and on the side of Mariko will be Takamina. But Mariko will not be able to be in all performances due to her acting career." Kaori explained. "Acting?" Acchan said confused. "Yeah. I was planning on telling you but I've decided to be more out in the world, Michan inspired me to." Mariko smiled awkwardly. "That's great Mariko." Acchan smiled. "Well now that you've all met eachother, I will introduce the other members. This is the new Kojiharu, Tomochin, Yukirin, Mayuyu, Sayaka, Sae, Takamina, and Yuko." Kaori said. "It's nice to meet you. We hope you take care of us." they said at the same time. "I hope that we have fun together. If there's anything you need help with or want to talk about, I'm here for you, and I'm sure Mariko is too." Acchan said. "That's right." Mariko added. "Thank you very much." they all said. Acchan smiled to herself. She lost one of her most beloved member, but now she has eight more. "Oh, and Acchan, about that day when you went to the beach, the fans want to see more of you, you've now been named the spokesperson of Akb0048." Kaori said with a smile. Acchan smiled. "Acchan is so incredible. But one day I'll surpass you! I promise!" Yuko exclaimed. "Sure." Acchan smiled. "Acchan, you realize she's challenging you." Mariko said. "Yeah. I really love her spirit. I really want to see her grow as an idol, but I won't lose either." Acchan said with a competitive smile. "Everyone let's go to the bath!" Kojiharu exclaimed. "She's attractive." Yukirin smiled. "I agree!" Yuko exclaimed. "No! Don't fall for her tricks!" Sayaka exclaimed. "Sayaka calm down." Sae said. "It's not tricks. It's called pheremones." Kojiharu winked."No!" Sayaka exclaimed. They all laughed. Kaori smiled. "Well, we better get ready. We'll have my boot camp practice together." Mariko said with her eyes glistening. "Boot camp?" Mayuyu said confused. "It's Mariko's famous demon practices. She makes you work very hard." Acchan said. "That sounds fun." Takamina smiled. "Fun?" Kojiharu asked. "Everyone let's go, we'll get ready then practice, practice, practice. But first we have to have a lesson with Ushiyama-sensei." Mariko said passionately. "Acchan! I'm scared!" Yuko exclaimed clinging to her arm. "It's okay Yuko-san. Ushiyama-sensei is hard on us  but, we have to practice to get better right?" Acchan smiled. "That's right. I wonder what Mariko's lessons are like though. As your captain I need to fulfill my duty." Takamina also said passionately. "Now that I think of it Takamina and Mariko are very much alike." Sae said. "You think so?" Mariko and Takamina asked. They both giggled. All the girls ran to the bathouse ready for a relaxing bath. They plunged into the water. "Everyone! Let's get along." Takamina smiled. "Yeah!" they all said. Acchan relaxed in the water. She was talking to Yuko while Mariko was giving the girls a lesson on how she came to be an akb0048 understudy. "Then, I met a girl named Furea, in other words Acchan. She was always shy and reserved, but when she sang I saw an intense and beautiful side to her. She made me love 00 as much as I do now." Mariko smiled. Acchan smiled back. All the girls smiled. They all walked out of the bathouse and into their locker rooms. They put on their regular clothes and rushed onto the train. "It's exciting to be with a new team." Mariko smiled. "Yeah. Everyone is so cheerful and nice. Let's make this the best successor generation everyone." Acchan announced. "Yeah!" they exclaimed with their hands in the air. They got off the train and went to the dance studio. All the girls changed into their practice outfits. Everyone talked while waiting for Ushiyama. The girls all bonded, since they were all chasing the same dream. "Good morning girls." Ushiyama said. "Good morning Ushiyama-sensei." all girls said. "Let's begin, then." Ushiyama said. Beginner blasted through the speaker. Yuko and Acchan were in the front dancing their hearts out. Mariko and Takamina were next to them dancing professionally. Kojiharu was dancing and using her pheremones, just like Yukirin. Tomochin was dancing with her pride for the generations, and Mayuyu was dancing like no one was watching. Sayaka was dancing cooly next to Sae who was also dancing with a cool style. They all danced with one thing in mind. This team was going to be a success. Ushiyama clapped his hands. The girls were frightened of what he would say. "Good work girls. When you get back meet Kaori in the auditorium where you will recieve the set list."Ushiyama said in a loud voice. "Ushiyama gave us a comment!" Kojiharu exclaimed. "It really is an accomplishment." Sae smiled. "Don't get fooled by one comment girls. We have to work even harder." Sayaka exclaimed with her fiery kirara shining. "Right!" everyone else said. "Haven't we've been waiting long. Now, my boot camp shall begin." Mariko said with her eyes glistening. Mariko moved to the front of the room and demonstrated a dance. "Everyone follow me." Mariko said. They all nodded. After an hour of intense dancing and exercise, the girls went to the showers and went back on the train to Akibastar.They went inside the building and went to the auditorium. The sound of Kaori's shoes echoed the auditorium. "Everyone's here. Good. As you all know a new generation of successors has just been formed. There will be an upcoming performance. The 76th generation understudies will be performing as the opening act. Next the successors will steal the show with four songs in this exact order. Aitakatta, river, beginner, and ponytail to shushu. The show will be ended by that performance. Any questions?" Kaori explained. The room was quiet. Kaori's footsteps echoed out of the room and they were dismissed. "Let's work hard tommorow." Mariko said. "Right everyone. Let's sing our hearts out as if it were our first understudy performance." Takmina smiled. Everyone nodded. "Well then let's hangout for a bit before lunch." Acchan smiled. "Yeah. Everyone come to our room." Mariko smiled. Everyone sat down on Michan's old bunk while Mariko an Acchan sat on Mariko's bed. "Now that we're all a team, we might as well share secrets. I'll go first. I have a deep dark secret that I've never told anyone. Every time when Acchan sleeps, I take pictures." Mariko said. "Eh!?!" Acchan exclaimed. Everyone laughed. "I have the scrapbook right here." Mariko said showing all the pictures. "No! " Acchan exclaimed trying her best to cover the pictures. She blushed in embarrassment when Mariko finished showing the scrapbook. "I didn't know you did that type of stuff." Acchan blushed. "Well, it was all Michan's idea." Mariko winked. "Next is Acchan." Mariko said. "But... it's a little embarrassing." Acchan blushed. "You don't keep secrets from your friends." Yukirin said evilly. Acchan's eyes twitched in a frightened way. "Yukirin? You okay?"  Mayuyu asked. "I'm just fine." Yukirin said as herself again. "What could be Acchan's secret?" Yuko asked with her eyes glistening. "You know you can trust us." Takamina gave her a reassuring smile. Acchan blushed. "I'm......I'm scared of men!" Acchan exclaimed. "Scared of men?" Sayaka said confused. "But Acchan isn't Daichi your boyfriend?" Mariko asked. "B-boyfriend!?!" the rest of the girls exclaimed. "Yes. Acchan has a boyfriend named Daichi Okazaki, who is apart of WOTA and they even planned on marrying eachother." Mariko explained. All the girls eyes glistened. "You didn't have to tell them that you know. Anyways sometimes I get scared of Daichi-kun but I'm mostly scared of weird stranger guys. When I see them I imagine a monster and and, I don't know what else to say." Acchan said slightly embarrassed. "It's okay my secret is more embarrassing." Yuko smiled. "I wonder what this girl is scared of." Sayaka said. "I'm scared of carrots." Yuko said. "Carrots? Is it really normal to be scared of food?" Sae asked with an awkward smile in her face. "Carrots are very scary and evil. They want you to eat them and then they hypnotize your parents into making you eat them!" Yuko exclaimed in a weird voice. "I think it's more of vice versa for me. I really get mad when my parents force me to do something I don't want to do." Yukirin said. "I can't inagine Yukirin losing her mind. My secret is that really love my hair. I hate it when people try to touch it." Takamina said. Everyone looked at her in a weird way. "My secret is that my family all look the same as I do." Tomochin said."My secret is that, I'm allergic to cats but sometimes I can't resist and I go ahead and bring one home." Kojiharu said. "That sounds like the Kojiharu we know." Takamina said. "My secret is, I don't like spilling my food." Mayuyu said with no expression. The room was silent for a minute then filled with laughter. "My secret is that I can't function when there's dogs around." Sae admitted blushing. "I'm scared of dogs too also don't worry." Acchan smiled. "My secret is......" Sayaka said blushing. "I can't go to sleep after watchig a scary movie!" Sayaka rushed. Everyone laughed. All their secrets were funny. "Okay everyone, it's time for lunch." Mariko said. "Today's special recipe is curry and rice." Chef Papa said. "Yummy!" Mayuyu said with her eyes glistening. It was the only time when she actually smiled. "Thank you Chef Papa." Acchan smiled. Chef Papa winked. "Thanks for the food." evryone said before eating. They all enjoyed their meal while sitting at the same table. "Everyone is so cheerful." Acchan said to Mariko when they were walking to their room. "Yeah. I think I've fallen in love with all the members, even you." Mariko smiled. Acchan blushed. "Love?" "Not like that!" Mariko denied. Acchan laughed. Mariko smiled to herself. "Thank you Acchan." Mariko smiled. "Huh?" Acchan said confused. "I never thought that I'd be so happy. I have fun everyday while doing a lesson or maybe even an acting job. I feel that I'm on my ultimate stage and it's all because of you. When I first met you I knew you were special. I really wanted to become your friend, when I did there were many twists and turns but whenever I fell, you were always there to help me up. Thank you." Mariko said passionately. Acchan smiled. "Thank you Mariko. I don't feel like I'm on my ultimate stage yet but you've been with me the entire way. Thank you." Acchan smiled. Mariko hugged her. "Let's be together forever." Mariko said. Mariko revealed her pinky. "It's a promise then." Acchan smiled. They shook their pinkies and then smiled at eachother. Before they knew it, it was time for dinner. "I wonder what we'll have for dinner." Mariko said. "I know it'll be something good." Yuko said. "Hey girls." Takamina smiled. "Hey." Mariko said. "What are we waiting for everyone, let's eat." Takamina instructed. "Right!" everyone exclaimed. Chef Papa revealed the delicious ramen that he prepared. Mayuyu's eyes glistened with happiness. "Well, shall we eat?" Mariko asked. "Right. Thanks for the food!" Everyone exclaimed. The slurped down the hot and delicious noddles, filling themselves up with food. After they were done eating, they went straight to the bathouse. "Let's go!" Yuko exclaimed. "Yes! Yes!" Kojiharu exclaimed. "Everyone wait for me!" Takamina exclaimed running after them. They dived into the warm water and scrubbed themselves with soap. Acchan was washing her short purple hair. "Mayuyu will swim the fastest." Mayuyu said cheerfully. "We'll see." Yukirin said with a competitive smile. Everyone was enjoying themselves. "Everyone! Your bodies are your temples. You must charge yourselves up!" Sayaka exclaimed. "Yeah!" everyone exclaimed.  "Hey Sae let's team up. Me and you against Mayuyu and Yukirin to see who's team can swim the fastest." Sayaka said. "Okay. We can't lose then right." Sae smiled. "Yeah. We won't lose either." Mayuyu said. "That's right." Yukirin smiled. "Seems like everyone's having fun." Takamina smiled. Acchan and Mariko smiled back. They joined the girls in the water. "I love being a successor! We get to have so many shows and packed schedules and most of all I can perform with my new friends. Everyone here is so amazing!" Yuko exclaimed. "Don't get to excited." Takamina smile. "But Yuko-san is right. Everyone here is special and we're all having fun." Acchan smiled. Everyone smiled. "Okay everyone, let's get ready for bed." Takamina instructed. "Right." they all said. Everyone dressed up and gathered around the cafeteria. They all had warm milk in their hands. "Everyone.Let's do our best tommorow. Our top priority is to have fun while the audience has fun." Takamina encourged. "Roger, captain." everyone said. "Well then everyone, tommorow we'll resume our practices. Everyone please have a good night sleep and good night." Mariko added. "Okay." everyone said. They all dragged their feet sleepily to their rooms. Acchan got on her bunk and looked at her mother's picture. She had a bunch of posters of her too. She smiled, then fell into a long and peaceful sleep.

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