Black Water (Chapter 3)

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Cameron Jones might just be the most annoying person in the entire world. He makes trying to daydream a near impossible feat.

"Ali are you ignoring me?" He whispered in my ear.

"Finally he figures it out. Yes I am ignoring you Cameron, I'm trying to listen to what Mr Azerale is saying," I wasn't of course, I was wondering why Mr sprit kept on looking at me from across the room.

"Yeah, and mother Theresa is a prostitute," Jez sniggered, who was sitting on the other side of me. "You never listen to any one saying anything to do with safety." I frowned at her and Cameron, even though it was true I never listened to safety pointers I was always the first person to try out a new move, or to complete a dare that would probably put anyone in hospital but for some reason I always managed it. Cameron and Jez both leaned forward so that I couldn't ignore them.

"Are you coming to the party tonight or what then?" Cameron asked, "It'll break my heart if you don't come." I snorted and answered no. "Please Ali" Cameron persisted "It'll be totally awesome." He put his hands together pretending to beg and pouted at me with puppy dog eyes. I shook my head.

"Don't make us have to kidnap you," Jez said, "I will not take no for an answer."

"We know you never say no Jez," A cold voice said from the row behind us. Me, Jez and Cameron turned to face the person who's voice had just spoke. It was Paige, a fake blonde orange looking cheerleader who was the epitome of bitchy and slutty. Today was no exception she was sitting in a mini-skirt that could past for a belt and a pink halter that she probably got from a thrift shop (Not that she would admit it) and high stilettos with points that could take someone's eye out. Made me wonder if she sharpened them at night. Her manicured hands pulled a stray piece of hair from in front of her foundation-clogged face. She smiled her mean 'I know I'm better than you' smile. Her band of followers who were all as equally orange were sharing the same smiles, which were about as real as their hair extensions.

Jez burst out laughing. "I never say no? Don't you sleep with every guy who ask? Like Cole and Jake" Cole and Jake Waterman were disgusting twins who were just plain slimy. No sane girl would touch them with a 20-mile pole. Seems not all girls are sane though, rumour has it Paige slept with both of them after getting hammered at the spring formal, at the same time I seem to remember. Paige hadn't obviously hadn't forgotten as the smile immediately vanished.

"At least I have excuse, the way I hear it, no alcohol is needed with you" Paige sneered, her friends did a strange little in sync laugh that was absolutely ridiculous. Most people would have taken what Paige said as a insult, Jez however put on a posh English accent and twiddled her hair around her fingers.

"Well, I can't help it. If I'm so overwhelmingly beautiful that boys can't help fall head of a heels for me." She looked Paige up and down "At least I don't look like some scantily dressed orange. Didn't mummy teach you how to dress like or lady, or is she just as big of slut?" Now Paige looked really fuming, her friend Veronica leaned in.

"You take that back or Ill slap you into next week" She threatened. Cameron found this rather amusing, and placed his hands in between us. "Now, now girls, let's not get the claws out" He laughed.

"Once again Cameron steps into protect the damsel in distress. Tell me Cameron, which one are you sleeping with. It wouldn't be miss cheap Jezebel, so that leaves little Alison." Paige sneered. Before I had chance to retaliate with some comeback, which probably would have been beyond awesome; we were interrupted by Mr Azerale.

"You guys up there care to share what I had just been going through with the class?" he shouted from the bottom of the stands. We all remained silent. Mr Azerale raised his eyebrows. "Perhaps you'd like to demonstrate instead," He pointed at me "You, get your gear on. Let's see you put what I just said into practice," I groaned and stood up. Mr Azerale turned to pick out an opponent for me.

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