Part 4

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"You can't just run off like that all the time you know," North sighed as Markus closed the front door.
"Sorry." Markus replied. North smiled, kissing his cheek before going back to play chess with Josh.

"Did you get anything out of him?" Josh asked a while later.
"No," Markus replied. "But I have a feeling he doesn't really want to come back..."
"Tell me something I don't know," Josh sighed as he sat down on one of the chairs in the kitchen. Markus looked down. He couldn't forget the look on Simons face! He had looked so sad, so hurt! And all that because of Markus stupid decision! Why couldn't he just have carried him?! He decided he had to go back, no matter what anyone said. He had to get his friend back.

"Where are you going?" North questioned as Markus put on his shoes and coat.
"I'm just... taking a walk..." Markus replied trying hard to avoid eye contact.
"Seriously Markus, you really gotta think of some other excuse..." North sighed as she walked up to him. "But you can't go back! You said so yourself!"
She hugged him tightly, then continued:
"Buuut I know I can't stop you, so..." she gave him a quick kiss, then opened the door and shoved him out, and with a devilish grin she said:
"Go get your boyfriend back."
Before Markus had time to argue, she shit the door and he once again began walking towards the dump.

Once he arrived he didn't see his "so-called-boyfriend" anywhere. He looked around, but was suddenly thrown back by shock as he heard a voice from behind:
"Oh wow, would you look at that," Simon hissed, "The Lord and Savior Markus doesn't understand simple orders!"
"Simon I-" Markus began but was cut of as Simon shoved him down into the dump. He landed on a pile of trash, hurting his arm in the fall. Simons face shifted slightly as he saw the damage, but quickly shifted back to the angry expression from before. He jumped down and landed just in front of Markus feet, kneeling down over him.
"Why are you here again?"
"I-" Markus sighed, lifting himself slightly on his elbows. "I just wanted to talk..."
"Well, I do not want to talk."
Markus tried sitting up but was immediately pushed down again by Simon.
"Simon please! I just-"
Markus was surprised at the blondes sudden outburst. Simon pinned him to the ground with his sapphire eyes as he continued:
"I do not want to talk! I do not want to come back! Markus why can't you just understand that?! I've been telling you to leave me alone but you just won't listen! I don't know what to do! I just- I—" he leaned back a bit and hid his face in his hands, still mumbling something Markus couldn't hear. Markus reaches for his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him, but his hand was immediately slapped away.
"No, don't touch me. Don't you DARE touch me!" Simon said as he stood up. Markus quickly stood up as well. He wanted to hug him so badly, to comfort him, tom comfort himself, but he knew it wouldn't be appreciated. Before he had time to finish his thoughts, Simon glared at him with his eyes almost glowing in the darkness of the night, before running away again. He looked like an angry, scared cat, just a little bit bigger, Markus thought to himself as he stared at Simon disappearing into the darkness, probably going back to his shed, to collect more extra parts...

"So how'd it go?" North asked when Markus stepped inside.
"I think he's warming up to me..." Markus replied. "He talked more than usual." North looked at him, then at his coat, that was dirty from the fall, then back at him. She nodded her head slowly and walked upstairs again, probably to play some more chess with Josh. Markus, however, didn't feel like going up there, he didn't feel like anything... so he decided to go up on the roof instead. He had some things he had to sort out...

Aaah... finally posting again! Didn't wanna have to slap myself, eh kokonoshimoonfoxhun
Anyways so I hope theres still someone reading this even tho it's trash and it's such slow updates, but I'll try to better myself ok? Anyways hope u enjoyed! Baii!

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