Chapter 3

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As I heard the school bell ring indicating the day was over I rushed to pack up my things and hurried over to the gym. I could already hear them practicing when I got there, so I opened the door and peeked into the gym. There he was once again, Kuroo. 'He's just so-' I shook my head slightly as I entered the gym and walked to the coach.

"Oh it's nice to see you showed up," He said when he noticed me, "Boys come here!" All of what I'm pretty sure was the team walked over. "This is (L/N) (F/N), we are looking to possibly make her into the teams manager," the Coach tell them motioning towards me. "Hi," I give a slight awkward wave to the group.

"Ha, Now Karasuno isn't the only ones with a cute manger!" One of them almost shouts seeming to get a little too excited as he pumps his arm in the air. "She's not our manager yet so don't get too excited, we are looking into the possibility," The Coach says looking at the one who called me cute. "Oh, come on! I'm sure she'll be great," he looks at me with a smile. "Well, I thought I should tell you all this news, now get back to practice!"

"Okay so do you know anything about Volleyball?" He asked as he turns to me. "Yes, I've played a bit," I nod my head. "Okay good, do you know anything about being a Volleyball team manager?" "Yes, I do," I say with another nod. He smiles at my answers but then drops his face trying to hide it.

"Okay good, good," He says nodding his head watching the team practice. He asked me a few more questions after this. "We're having a training camp with some other teams soon," he tells me, still watching the team practice, "As the new team manager you'll have to be there." I smile and nod my head, "Got it!"

I guess I'm the manager now?

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