Chapter 109

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I pulled up outside of DJ & Monique's house and cried in the car. I pulled myself together and got out to go to the door.

"Bri, what's wrong?!" Monique asked when she opened the door.

"I fucking hate him!"

I walked into the living room, where DJ was on the couch with Bruce & Lola.

"What's wrong?" DJ asked.

"Your best friend is a dick and I hate him! I want nothing to do with him."

That's not true. I'm just pissed.

"Don't say that. What happened?"

"That stupid bitch Chantel came to the house talkin' bout I need to tell Blake who the real father of my child is. She then had the audacity to say maybe the guy who raped me is the father."

They were pissed. I could see it all over their faces.

"I wanna go fight this bitch," Monique said, standing up.

"It's too late," I said, wiping my eyes, "I already beat her ass."

"Aren't you like, four months pregnant?" DJ asked.

"Yeah, but I felt disrespected and I wasn't gonna let her get away with that."

My phone started ringing, but I ignored it when I saw Blake's name on the screen. Monique & DJ looked at each other, then looked at me.

"I told y'all I want nothing to do with him."

My phone stopped ringing and a few seconds later, Monique's phone rang.

"You can answer it."

And she did.

"Briana told me what happened and until you fix this, I'm not talkin' to you," she said before hanging up.

Then of course, DJ's phone rang and he answered it.

"What the hell did you do?" he asked into the phone.


"She doesn't wanna talk to you."


"He says he wants to talk to you," DJ said to me.

"Tell him I said he can go fuck himself," I replied.

"She said go...well, I think you heard her," he said.

DJ put his phone on speaker and I just glared at him.

"Briana, please talk to me," Blake said.


I hit the call end button on DJ's phone and played with Lola to cool off. After about a minute, Blake walked in.

"Briana -"

"Leave me alone."

I got my keys and left. Today was supposed to be a happy day since we're finding out the sex of the baby, but I am far from happy.


When I pulled up to the doctor's office, Blake pulled up right beside me. I rolled my eyes and went inside so I could check in.

After I did, I sat in the waiting room and Blake sat next to me. I moved away to sit somewhere else and I know the people in here think I'm crazy.

"Ms. Smalls?"

I got up and went in the back with Blake following me.

After getting off the scale, I followed the nurse to a room. She took my blood pressure and looked at me worriedly. She didn't say anything about it; she just wrote something down and left.

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