Chapter 136

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Silent, everything was silent.

Evelyn’s body was hidden beneath the white, fluffy covers.

Her senses were shut off to the world.

A dark grey heater was placed a few meters from her bed, keeping her room extra warm. Zayn didn’t want her to catch a cold from the chilling winter breeze.

She couldn’t detect the temperature of the room. Her body was in a total lock down. It was isolating itself from the rest of the world.

She was hiding behind tall, brooding walls of isolation that kept her detached from the world. If nothing could come in, and nothing could touch her, then she was safe.

She had her knees pressed up against her chin; she was curled up in a tight little ball. Her figure was barely visible.

The food that was sent to her that morning lay untouched at the bed side table. Thick slices of roasted bacon and poached eggs stuffed generously inside a fluffy white bun of bread, topped with shredded cheddar. A glass of nutritious orange juice stood at its side.

Evelyn was paler than usual, and over the past three days, she had lost a considerable amount of weight. She knew she should eat, but she just didn’t have the energy or appetite. Her brain was still filled with rattling thoughts of Ethan.

That emotionless look on his face when Zayn was trying to force himself on her, was haunting Evelyn.

She loved him. For so long, she was fighting for him. She resisted Zayn because she loved Ethan, because she believed what she and Ethan had was worth the fight, and it was worth everything that Zayn was threatening to do to her.

Now, she felt like an idiot.

Evelyn’s eyes were closed. She had been drifting back and forth between the land of dreams and numb, distanced consciousness for the past three days. A part of her just wanted things to end. Secretly, she was hoping that everything would just stop.

She didn’t know what she was doing anymore.

She didn’t know what she wanted.

Eighteen years old, she was just eighteen years old, and there were so many heavy responsibilities on her shoulders. No eighteen year olds should go through the things she had been through… but saying that, nobody should be forced to suffer through those things.

It was unfair.

While the rest of the world sang, danced, and enjoyed their joyous experiences life had to offer, Evelyn was held captive by a monster. She had been tormented by this vile being. Though she had never seen herself as the victim, she was.

What was happening to her was not fair.

However, at the same time, life wasn’t fair.

Every story, fairy-tale, and bed time stories of dreams, hope, romance and perfect, happy endings Evelyn had ever heart, deserved hell fire to obliterate them. Tales of happily ever after are the cruellest invention of life. They sugar coat life and delude you into expecting life to be sweet and joyous. In reality, life is bitter and grim.

Nothing prepares you for that.

Humans feared the misery that awaited them, and they would rather smoother themselves in fantasies and unrealistic expectations. Sooner or later, the harsh reality will blast them in the face.

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