Chapter Fifteen

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—Third Person POV.—

The door closes with a click as Amajiki exits the building, following in his friends footsteps as they walk off into the busy town.

Their conversation was blocked out by both the bustle from all the people around and the thoughts clouding Amajiki's mind.

Finally he glances up, looking over the two "..I'll meet you guys later, heading home." His voice explains briefly, causing the other two to look his way.

Nejire nods with her usual smile on her face "Great! We where just talking about going home to hang this up anyways!"

Resisting the small deadpan sneaking onto his features, Amajiki just nodded in return "Oh."

"What where you planning on doing?" Mirio asks, brow raised in questioning towards his friend as they all turn down the dirt road leading up to their shared place.

"Remember that pie I mentioned making earlier?" Amajiki answers half truthfully— Obviously, he couldn't let them know he would be visiting his winged friend in the forest nearby.

"Oh!!" Nejire beams, eyes practically stars at this point "We said we'd help you make it, remember? Let's go!" She calls, jogging ahead.

"Hey! Be careful with the Nadder crown!" Mirio warns as she sprints off, soon pushing his friends shoulder lightly before taking off after her.

Amajiki sighs, speeding up to run after the two.

—First Person POV.—

I'm bored.

I'm really bored.

After the encounter with the same dragon for the past few days, it had gotten harder and harder for me to get a good nights sleep— Leaving me yawning constantly during the day.

Today, Amajiki hasn't shown up as early as he usually does— I mean, it's not like we have a set time for him to come by anyways.

But he at-least pops in before noon most of the time.

'Maybe he's just not coming today?' I wonder, stretching me wings as another yawn racks through my lips and I grumble tiredly.

The silence around me further confirms my thoughts and I sigh, turning to head back into my den— Maybe I can try and catch up on some much needed sleep?

But my stomach grumbles— Telling me I can't and I huff, ignoring the noise while ducking beneath the roots.

My eyes trail over the drawings hung against my shelters walls, pausing on a particular one. It was the picture that looked like me.

Amajiki drew this one.

My stomach grumbles a second time, snapping me out of my moment of awe and causing a groan to escape my lips.

'You know what..' I think, eyeing my resting spot near the back of the den before turning to look towards the entrance.

It's going to be a while until night fall, I should be fine to do this.. Right?

Before I could think anything else— My feet had already started moving, stepping out into the sun before looking up.

With a slight jump and flap from my wings, I make it up to the second branch, hoisting myself up farther before leaning back and letting my tail latch onto the wood.

My tail fins fall limp near my thigh and I sigh, the sun hitting my face before I stretched my wings again— Hearing a few pops and grumbling in content before cocooning myself in.

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