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A/N: this is the book 3 to Prove You Wrong (in case you're new here)! Book 2 is called I Wouldn't Mind. There's a three month-ish time difference between the last chapter and this one :)


"Come on, Cal," I mumbled under my breath. "You can do it."

I was sitting on the edge of my seat, watching my boyfriend on the field. He was wiping the sweat on his forehead, breathing heavily as he readied himself to shoot a penalty goal. My knuckles were white from gripping the edge of the bleacher so tightly, my whole body leaning forward, as though it would help me see him better. This goal could either make it or break it for Cal's team, and I was kinda hoping for the first option.

From beside me, Taylor smacked me on the arm. "He's not gonna die if he doesn't make that goal. Since when have you been interested in football?"

"Since I realised that having a- HELL YEAH!"

I stood up, cheering along with the crowd. Calum had managed to score the goal and was now currently being engulfed by his teammates. They lifted him up onto their shoulders and he grinned widely, throwing his hands in the air in victory.

I quickly ran down the bleachers just as they put Calum down, and launched myself into his arms. He hugged me back tightly and laughed as he spun me around, much to the amusement of his team-mates. Finally, he put me down, and by this time everyone was filing down to congratulate the team.

"You were amazing, Cal," I told him, kissing his cheek.

He grinned, one hand on my hip and the other coming up to rest on my cheek, before he pulled me closer to him to kiss him. I slid my arms around his neck as we kissed in the midst of the ruckus, nipping at his bottom lip playfully.

I was so glad that we were able to do this out here and not be scared. Calum had rejoined the team - obviously - under one circumstance: that the Coach wouldn't say anything about our relationship. Albeit reluctantly, he had agreed, so here we were, celebrating Calum's victory.

We broke apart before it could get too heated, grinning at each other just as Ashton approached us with Jenna.

"You guys were great!" Ashton grinned, thumping Calum on the back. "Damn, I miss playing with the guys."

"We'll have a round together sometime, come by when we're practicing," Calum grinned, sliding his arm further around my waist so that he could pull me into his side. "Coach talks very highly of you to the newcomers."

Ashton laughed, shaking his head. Taylor and Michael soon joined us, and we all headed back home together. As we walked, Calum kept randomly nuzzling or kissing my cheek, causing me to giggle, but also causing me to wonder what was going through his mind. He was being overly affectionate... Not that I minded, of course.

The second we got home, however, he hurried to his room. Taylor had gone out with Michael, probably eating pizza somewhere (those two still hadn't officially gotten back together, but everyone hoped that it would be soon) so we had the house pretty much to ourselves... Well, technically not. Calum's dad was home, but he was busy working, so he didn't really count.

I followed Calum into his room to see him standing shirtless, looking through his cupboard. He grabbed some clothes before turning to me with a stupid grin. "I'm going to go shower," he announced, walking over to where I was standing in the door frame and tugging me by the sleeve of my flannel. "And you're going to join me."

A blush spread across my cheeks as I allowed him to drag me into the bathroom behind him, to then pin me to the door as his lips met mine feverishly.


Calum and I just seemed to love making out lazily. No matter what time of day it was, we were just that: lazy.

We were both sitting on one of the beanbags in the living room, me practically laying on top of him since it was so small, and just kissing. Our legs were intertwined, our chest heaving against one another's. His hands were on my hips, his thumbs tucked under my shirt as mine were in his hair, absently running my fingers through it. I was letting out little sighs of contentment to match his, nipping his lips as he fiddled with my lip ring. In the background, a movie was playing, but needless to say neither one of us was paying attention to it.

His lips away moved from mine to ghost along my jaw before he began pressing quick, playful kisses down to my neck. I giggled, my eyes still shut as he nipped at my skin lightly, my grip in his hair tightening. He brought his lips back up to the space behind my ear, leaving a soft kiss there before reconnecting our lips once more. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, and he let out a hum as he allowed me to slip my tongue past his lips.

Unfortunately, the doorbell rang as he began running his hand through my hair, causing the two of us to halt in our movements.

With a groan, Calum nipped at my lip before moving away from me. I whined, jutting my lower lip out and he giggled, pecking my lips quickly before disentangling himself from me and getting up. I watched as he left the living room and readjusted his pants before opening the front door, a easy smile on his face.

However, the smile fell when the person standing in front of him spoke.


A/N: oh yeah I've already started with the clifford-hangers :)))

love ya so much babes, thanks for sticking around! xx

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