Part Two~Don't you just love reunions? Well i don't.

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I guess by now you may have gotten the clue that this wasn't an ordinary school, if only because i've mentioned magic more than once. You're probably also wondering what the hell is going on. Let me explain, Spencer Academy is a school for the 'gifted', those with supernatural powers that would otherwise be outcasts among humans.

My Grandfather, Alexander Greyham Spencer the second, is the headmaster here, and I, Kenzie Jade Spencer, am not an ordinary girl, not even by our standards.

Two years ago i was a fairly good student at Spencer Academy. I kept my grades up and my nose clean. That is until i found out 'the secret', something that i have been keeping for the past two years in the hopes that no one will find out. I can't say what it is, but i can say that it's important, and that it's the reason i've been expelled from five different schools, all for the 'gifted' in the last couple of years.

To be honest i don't deserve a second chance at Spencer, and am surprised i was offered one; even with my families involvement in the school's foundation. I'm also surprised that i haven't been hammered for answers about the reason behind my past expulsions, but i'm not going to question it. I'd rather they let me live in peace.

Anyway, back to the school. It's separated into five basic categories. There's your level one's, those with powers that aren't really of any use to anyone and don't leave anyone in danger what so ever. Then there's your level twos, those are the guys that have very basic powers, nothing too scary, but enough to hurt someone if not used properly.

A few of the kids are level threes, those who's powers are generally pretty cool, and take a lot of work and effort to control, but when mastered, can be of great use. The level fours are next, kids with so much power that they don't know what to do with it. It can take them years to learn to control it and even then, they are considered highly unsafe to be around, especially if they lose control.

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the level fives. Their magic is limitless, and unless they go through extensive training that would kill a normal person, they could easily wipe out entire cities with a single smile. Not a god thing if you're looking to make friends. Good thing there were no level fives at the school.

Me, i was about a three until a couple of years ago when my powers accelerated to a four. That was around the time that the visions began. Painful and sometimes scary; glimpses of the future that had the potential to help a lot of people. It was actually in one of those visions that i found out 'the secret', and decided that nobody could know about them.

So for about four years now i haven't told a soul that sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, because i've just seen the death of thirty people; on an aeroplane that will go down in the Atlantic sea; three days from the time of the dream.

Now you can judge me and say that what i'm doing is wrong, that i should tell someone every time i see these things happen, but you should probably know that the last time i 'fixed' the problem, twice as many people died.

I'm not going to go into details, but please, whatever you do, don't tell me that what i'm doing is wrong, that letting innocent people die is bad, because i know. I know that i should save these people, i know that they deserve my help, but i won't sentence twice as many to their graves. I won't be responsible for all of those deaths.

Enough about that though, i suppose you want to hear about what happens next, about my time at the academy. Well here it goes, meeting my room mate...

I was standing outside a dorm room, the number 304 had been painted neatly in gold on the front, and the Key in my hand had a tag that matched. Taking a deep breath to steady myself, i pushed open the already unlocked door and stepped inside.

One half of the room was decorated in different shades of green, with a jade bed spread and matching cushions. An emerald rug sat at the end of the bed with a blanket box on top, and a desk opposite. On the desk sat piles of neatly stacked paper, a laptop, and a few photo frames showing a blue eyed looking girl with blonde ringlets and tanned skin. My heart sank at the sight of her.

I turned around to leave, knowing that i'd been given the wrong room, when suddenly she was there. The girl in the photos and the person who'd annoyed me to no end the last time i was here. Tiffany Banks walked right into me, and we both stumbled back.

"Hey what are you-" she cut herself off when she saw me, and her whole body froze. She stood there and stared for what seemed like a millennia, before finally opening her mouth to speak again. "What are you doing here?" she demanded, all five foot nine and a half inches of her practically screaming at me to get the hell out of there.

"I think there's been a mistake." I muttered, side stepping her and making my way out of the room.

"Unfortunately there hasn't" her tone was coloured in anger, and i could see just by looking at her that she was about as happy as i was just then.

"There's no way i'm rooming with you." I went to walk off down the hall, but she spoke again and it stopped me in my tracks.

"So i guess you're going to run off back to grandpa and cry until he lets you switch then?" she sounded almost smug, and that was something i wouldn't-couldn't stand for, not from her.

"Nah i think that's your area of expertise."

As quick as a flash she was in my face and glaring down at me. "Don't you ever imply that i am anything like you. I don't know why they let you back, but just so you know, i don't trust you, and if it were up to me, then you would have been killed two years ago, and this school wouldn't have even acknowledged it."

She walked passed me and down the hall, her reason for coming back to the room had obviously been forgotten, and i could understand why. I'm not going to deny it, i didn't want to share a room with the girl any more than she did, but i also knew that even if i went back to my grandfathers office to ask for a change, i wouldn't get one.

So instead of complaining like i might have two years ago, i sucked it up and unpacked my things into the empty side of the dorm. I made sure to move extra slowly, that way i could stall for dinner and maybe make it in and out without being noticed.

Boy was i wrong.


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