Chapter Two: Connor Is Not Hot, Evan. Even Though You'll Fuck Him. Wait What?

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"Come onnnnnnn!" Jared whined. "Tell meeeeeee! Why were you late? Too busy sucking dick?"

Oh. Oh, so Evan's mind decided to connect that to Connor. Which-oh, oh no.

"You're red," Jared noted. He leaned forward a bit. "You're blushing."

Then he jerked his head back, eyes filled with shock. "EVAN YOU SUCKED DICK-"

"No!" Evan yelled, his voice a few octaves higher. Well, that would've been something nice to know he could do. "That's not what-I wasn't-I didn't-"

Jared clapped him on the back(read: slapped his back harshly), laughing. "Oh my god, dude! Who was it?"


"Are you saying you sucked my dick?"

"NO! I wasn't, wasn't doing that!"

"Yeah no shit or else I would've known. So who's dick was it?"

"GOODBYE JARED THE BUS IS HERE!" Evan screamed. A few people glanced over, which made Evan's face more red than it was. He bolted up the bus, hearing Jared yelling that he was going to find out who's dick he sucked.

Everyone on the bus turned to look at him weirdly. And elderly couple scoffed. Evan flushed, gave the bush driver some money, then plopped down on a seat. The boy sitting behind him chuckled and patted him on the back.

"Aye, dude." He grinned. "Having a friend to announce you sucked dick, huh?"

The color that had disappeared slightly was now returning. "I-I-I wasn't, I mean, I didn't-" he took a deep breath-"I wasn't s-sucking d-d-dick."

"Hey, no need to lie, man," the guy said. The bus began to move. "One gayass to another, that friend of yours is a crackhead."

Evan gave a small smile. At least someone understood how he felt. Of course, about Jared being a crackhead. Not being a gayass because he was straight. Yes, straight. He was straight and had a crush on Zoe Murphy.

Connor's sister.

Evan dropped his head against the window, face flaming again. He was only blushing because of Zoe. Because he was straight. He wasn't gay.

The guy behind him began telling a legendary story about his first time sucking dick. He didn't seem to notice that Evan was NOT listening. Oh well.

The bus soon stopped. Evan hopped off, the guy yelling obnoxiously loud goodbyes. As soon as he was off, the bus slammed shut and sped off. Maybe they didn't want someone who 'sucks dick' on there.

Evan walked down the street. Oh how much he was looking forward to therapy. So so much. It was the absolute best thing in the world.

Note the sarcasm.

~•~(Dude I've never been to a therapist so let's just pretend that session happened wow that was great, Evan.)

He didn't know how to get home.

Now, you must be thinking, Evan, couldn't you just call your mother to pick you up?

See, the thing was, no. She was working. Heidi Hansen was a nurse that was only allowed a couple of hours of sleep. She had classes right after her shifts. Which also left her only texts and emails for Evan, her son.

Evan shouldn't be complaining. He knew she was doing this for him. Though, couldn't his mother smother in some hours to see him throughly and figure out that there was something wrong with him?

He glanced down at his cast. Something really wrong with him.

Back to the problem. He was stranded in the middle of a street, right after remembering nobody was coming to pick him up. Evan was a goner.

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