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*Luna's Pov*

It's been a week since my mom kicked me out and I haven't talked to her once. She hasn't made an effort to talk to me so I'm not going to either. I still don't understand why she was acting like that. She hasn't been drunk since before dad left. He only left because she always drunk, and once he left she got her shit together. I've stayed out longer than I did last weekend so I don't know why she all of the sudden thought it was a big deal. I'm 18, I can do whatever the fuck I want. It was probably about time for me to move out anyway.

Me and Jaden have gotten a lot closer this past week. When he wasn't at school we were hanging out. I've slept in his bed every night. No, we haven't had sex.. yet. We've made out several times, we even showered together. But nothing has happened. I really like Jaden, I just don't know if he'll like me back.

The gc still doesn't know I'm staying at Jaden's yet. I just haven't come around to telling them. I also found out they're all tik tok famous. I knew what tik tok was but I had never downloaded it because I didn't see the point. But I promised them that it wouldn't change my opinion about them.

We were all supposed to go to the mall after they got out of school today. I decided I'd tell everyone about my mom kicking me out in person. I still had about two hours until Jaden would be home so I just got in the bath and relaxed.

-small time skip-

Jaden would be home in about 30 minutes so I decided to get ready. Throwing on this and my black slip on vans.

After I put my clothes on I put my bright pink hair into two French braids and did a natural makeup look

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After I put my clothes on I put my bright pink hair into two French braids and did a natural makeup look. Right when I finished everything I heard Jaden come home. "You ready to go princess?" He said walking into his room. "Yes I am" I smiled, walking up to him and grabbing his hand.

-time skip to the mall-

When we got there everyone else was there. When we walked in the immediately noticed me and Jaden were holding hands. "SPILL THE TEA!" Avani screams, causing people to give us dirty looks. "Avani stfu. People are staring" I whisper yelled. Everyone started laughing like crazy as we started to walk around the mall.

We had walked around for about two hours and decided to get some dinner. When we got to the restaurant I sat by Jaden of course, still holding hands. Once everyone got settled and we ordered, I decided it was time to tell them everything. "Hey guys can I talk to you about something?" I asked while looking at the ground. They all said yes with a worried and confused look on their face. "So last week after we went to the mall I went to Jaden's. I stayed from Friday night to Sunday morning." I said, taking a second to get myself together so that I didn't have a breakdown. "And when I got home my mom was drunk. It wasn't anything new, she had drinking issues before my dad left. But when he left she got her shit together. I haven't seen her drink since. That was 2 1/2 years ago. So when I saw her drunk I was confused. Then she told me to pack my shit and leave. I wasn't gonna argue with her so I went and packed my stuff. And when I went downstairs I asked if she was sure and she screamed at me to get the fuck out." I said already crying. "I basically ran out. I got all my stuff in my car and texted Jaden. I've stayed at his house for the past week. And that's why I haven't really been texting anyone lately."

They were all shocked. Jaden had pulled me into a hug and was comforting me. We talked about everything and about what I was gonna do. Jaden still had his arm around me and everyone noticed. "So you and Jaden huh?" Emily said with a smirk. "Not yet" Jaden said with a wink, making me turn beet red. They all laughed at me because I had thrown my head into my hands trying to hide it. Just then our food came. After we ate we talked for a little bit and decided to go home.

-time skip to Jaden's house-

Me and Jaden we're outside watching the sunset. "Can we talk?" Jaden said in a worried tone. "Yeah.." I said hesitantly. "Luna, I know we met like two weeks ago but these two weeks have been the best two weeks of my life. I just want you to know that I really like you and I care about you. Luna-" he paused. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He said kind of shyly.

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