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When izuku arrived home he saw izumi bieng comforted by her mom and thats when they saw him. Inko immediately gagged in disgust and sped off to start dinner while leaving izumi. "Hey izumi got you a drink" he said offering her the alcohol wich she hesitantly took and drank slowly.

"What happened to you and why is there a stab wound on your chest" she said gesturing to the open wound on his chest wich he let heal. "Oh momo stabbed me when i went there and i bitch slapped the bitch with her own sword" he said granting a few gigles from izumi. "You got stabbed for me" she realized sadly and regretfully for she treated him worse than shit. He then walked of dissmising it.

"I-im s-sory izuku" she said hesitantly. "You may not even forgive me but im sorry" she finished. Izuku stopped and turned around with a sweet smile that made izumi blush a scaret red. "The sins taught me a lesson izumi and that was the fact that you can forgive and forget but if they arent willing to take responsibility for thier actions and apologoze then theres not a reason for you to forgive or forget". "I forgive you and am willing to forget" he finished. Izumi was beyond happy and so she downed the rest of the alcohol and izukus to resulting in a drunk izumi. This izumi got a smile on her face and lunged at izuku with a lustful gaze that looked at him as if he was a rare peace of steak.

Izuku saw this and summond chastifol making it dissapear from momos moms hands. It then turned into a pillow bigger than izuku. Izuku then hopped on and rode to the boar hat.

As izuku came to a stops he ran right into the door causing him to fall flat on his ass. "Danm doors" izuku muttered to himself before it was opened by Elizabeth. "Big sis eliza" izuku called before a short man with blond hair lunged at izuku. Izukus pillow turned into a spear and impaled the man before the man disappeared and came back knocking izuku into the boar hat and into the waiting hands of a tall man with silver hair who started pummeling izuku.

Izuku then dumped gasoline,he got from who knows where,on the silver haired man and lit him on fire with his lighter. This didnt kill him tho but he was knocked out. Izuku turned around and saw his nex target heading straight for him. Izuku threw a fireball at him before the man screamed "FULL COUNTER". Izuku saw the fireball and full countered it only for the fireball to comeback at him. This went on until izuku made a clone behind the short man and when the man ducked the clone countered Izukus attack straight at him knocking him out.

"Good job izuku" said the silver haired man next time youll be able to beat me and meliodas with just bare hand to hand combat". The silver haired man complimented. "Shut up ban that's why he lit you on fire" the now dubbed meliodas commented. "So why are you here izuku did you break something" Diane asked suspiciously. "No i gave my sister some alcohol to help with her break up and she gave me the meliodas gaze". "The perverted one" king asked. "No the i see Elizabeth is alone and in only a bath towel one" izuku clarified.

"We cant be helped until it wears off how about we have a drink for know unt its over. They all sat down and caught up with each other

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