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{ Aqua POV }

Branson: are you coming to my party today babe

Me: yea but I won't stay long cause #blackfriday

Branson: lmfao my party is gonna be better

Me: ehh

Branson: plus if you go I'll buy you all the Victoria secret merch you want just please come to see me babe

Me: Ew I see you all the time

Me: but Victoria secret is hard to pass up

Branson: what you love me

Me: who told you that

Branson: -new picture message-

Me: is that what I said

Branson: yep ;)

Me: don't flatter yourself

Branson: you love me and my #bigdick

Me: you mean #smalldick

Branson: #flatchested

Me: #ricedick

Branson: #loosevagina

Me: I have nothing to say to that

Me: not because you think it's loose cause its not

Me: but cause that was random asf but ill get you back lame ass

Branson: ;) ♥

Me: fuck you

Branson: when?

Branson: where?

Branson: what time?

Branson: how hard?

Branson: what position?

Me: tonight

Me: your party

Me: when everyone leaves

Me: so hard that I'm sore the next day

Me: 69 is always sexy

Branson: that just turned me on so bad babe

Me: good cause we're having sex tonight so bring condoms

Branson: wait condoms with a s at the end

Me: yea so we can go round 2 and 3

Branson: pick you at 8 be ready when I do

Branson: wear something sexy yet easy to take off

Me: ;)

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