Another Secret Meeting

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I walked to my room still looking and reminiscing about the feeling of having a baby kick me but I was brought back to reality when Mentus walked up to me and confirmed that all the arrangements has been made for me to leave to the Mittani border at sunrise. He would be staying back and keeping an eye on the political power plays until I come back after Nefertari's execution. I took a deep breath before going to bed as I knew that today was probably the last time that I saw Nefertari.

At Sunrise, I left the Palace without a ceremony, hoping that everything will fall back into place. It took me a day to reach the camps at the Mittani border. I was warmly welcomed by the Army General Kailu who has been camping at the border for the last two months and has been effectively negotiating with the Mittani officers to avoid a war, that could affect the innocent Egyptians in the area. I was impressed by his work and made a mental note to provide him with a banquet in his honor to appreciate the hard work. The General led me to the tent , where I was going to spend my nights. It was well furnished and well-guarded.

I sat down on the bed and took out the ring that was confiscated from Nefertari when she was given the verdict. This was the ring that I used when I proposed to her on the river banks of Nile. There was a pain scorching in my heart and I was not able to put my feelings into words. I will miss her terribly once she is gone.

Mentus P.O.V

As per the advice of Ramses , I have been keeping a close eye on the Consort Ivy and her Uncle, who are both powerful individuals in the Egyptian political turfs. With the passage of time I was able to send one of my spies, Kali to the inner circle of Ivy's Uncle, Raviel by making him believe that the guy I sent saved his life in an assassination  attempt that I created to influence his decision. Raviel always ensured Kali was with him whenever he met someone outside his house. Kali sent me secret messages that Ivy has been visiting Raviel at the public gardens and that they have been discussing to increase their power after she would be crowned as the Great Royal Wife of Egypt.

A few silent days passed by since Ramses left to the Mittani border. I can't even imagine what he must be feeling right now. Personally, I couldn't even believe that her highness Nefertari would cheat on Ramses but everything was right in front of our eyes. We cannot just ignore what we saw but I also believe that everything that we see is not the truth and it's not like she admitted to the accusations. The verdict was passed on the understanding of the matter from Ramses viewpoint. I have an immense respect for her highness Nefertari and it was her who was able to soften Ramses and make him a perfect Pharaoh. I can't even imagine what will happen to Ramses when he returns to the palace after her execution.

When I was laying in my room , I got an urgent message from Kali asking for an immediate meeting at our secret meet up point. He stated that it is regarding her highness Nefertari. I quickly made my way to the secret meeting place near the market square as I was eager to know about it. Kali came rushing towards me and told me that Ivy met her Uncle yesterday and that they were speaking of  the Crown Prince Yali. I was shocked by this and asked him to speak up.

" My Lord, I was taken with Lord Raviel to meet up with consort Ivy at her house outside the city gate. They excused all of their servants but allowed me to stay as I have won their trust during the past few weeks. When everyone left the premises, Consort Ivy said that they are falling into trouble soon ."

"Why is that?" I asked.

" Consort Ivy said that Crown prince Yali of Hattusa is threatening to come and speak to the Pharaoh and reveal the whole plot as the things happening right now is against the deal they had with him."

"What was the deal he had with them?" I asked.

"According to what I caught up from the conversation my Lord, Crown Prince Yali is still madly in love with Lady Kasa. Therefore he had received the help of Consort Ivy in getting in touch with the Queen and expressing his love and his desire to have her back but the Queen has thoroughly refused his approaches as she had moved on and is now in love with our Pharaoh. There has been a few secret notes that have been passing on for some time but the Queen hasn't budged from her stand on the matter. That's why Prince Yali and Consort Ivy concocted a plan to distance the Pharaoh and the Queen so that the Queen would finally agree to leave Egypt and go to Hattusa with Prince Yali."

I couldn't believe my ears. The whole incident that we witnessed was Pre-planned by Yali and Consort Ivy to create a misunderstanding between our Pharaoh and her highness, Nefertari. Now things started to make sense. It was actually a little suspicious from the beginning on how I received the information about the secret meeting at Nile. It was too easy to get my hands on the letter. They actually ensured that we followed her highness and witness the planned drama. The outburst of the Pharaoh was actually what they were wanting from this whole plan.

"According to the deal between the Consort Ivy and Prince Yali, her highness Nefertari should have been imprisoned and later with the assistance from the inside officers taken back to Hattusa, but the Pharaoh didn't act according to their plan. He house arrested her rather than putting her in the Jail and announced her execution. Prince Yali is very angry right now and is planning on revealing the whole truth to the Pharaoh" Said Kali.

" Why would Consort Ivy do this for the Crown Prince Yali?"

" My Lord , From what I know even Consort Ivy has some unsettling relationship to Hattusa and the reason that she did this was she wanted to get rid of Queen Nefertari and the baby. She wanted to have the title of the "Great Royal Wife" and "Queen Mother". My Lord, She has committed high treason. She not only plotted against the Queen , she also planned to get rid of the rightful heir to the throne. She planned to destroy the very blood of the Pharaoh.What should we do now?"

" I want you to go back and keep an eye on Consort Ivy and her uncle. I will ride at dawn tomorrow and deliver this news to the Pharaoh". Saying that I walked back into my chambers and I was feeling nausea from the amount of information that I have received today. I couldn't believe that Consort Ivy executed a perfect plan to separate the Pharaoh and the Queen. She even made him give a death sentence to her and his very own unborn child, his flesh and blood. I can't even imagine what Ramses would do when he hears about this deep conspiracy that destroyed the very foundation of his life. Whatever his decision would be I will always stand by him.

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