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(Reader P.O.V)

I yawn softly and crack my eyes open to see a hoodie.... Oh yeah kinda forgot I invited schlatt in here at like 3am was it?Yeah I think so. I sneak out of his grasp and open the door to be greeted by a Cooper

"Where has Schlatt been? I wanted to wake him up Sorry If I woke you up"
"Maybe he is hiding from you Coopie"

I smiled at Cooper and closed the door mostly so only my face was seen. I hear some movements from the bed

"I could text him if you want.... Ok bye cooper-trooper!" I close the door on him and turn around

"Ay yo good morning Schlatt"
"shut the fuck up" I laugh at this so funny haha man

I stare at him for a bit and he just looks back. I mouthed 'I think you need one more stick of butter' he laughed and stood up. Fuck I forget how tall he is.

"So cooper wants to fuck with you and I told him-"
"You could send me a text if he wanted."
"Yes thank you schlatt"

I yawn again and venture ouside of the basement. I walk around the house to only find ted awake. This is the only time of day he speaks very softly. He smiles at me and I wander around and hearing in the see if anyone is awake yet. No-one was and It was like 10am. Everyone sleeps in here. I was going to check on Noah but right as I go up to his door he emerges, scaring the fuck out of me. I thumped to the ground and covered my mouth

"Well good morning (Y/N)"
"Same to you fuckhead." He then placed a hand onto his chest
"I am so hurt"
"Whatever I am gonna go wake up Schlatt and go on a walk to the park. you guys know where the food is" Noah nodded and I walked away

I make my way downstairs, humming some music(Totally not brandy (you're a fine girl) by Looking Glass) I walk in and see him changing and slams the door and just texts him

(Y/N): Hey lik srry fr tht but I wanted to go fr a walk? Also can I borrow a hoodie

Haha def not for the scent cause we arn't datig so who would I just wanted a hoodie ok?

Schlatty: Yeah and it's fine just come on in I got a hoodie for you

I walked in and was greeted by Schlatt's Smoky the bear hoodie thrown at me. I look at him as he slides on his Misfits hoodie. I turn away not to be creepy, and get a hand on my shoulder

"(Y/N) I'm not naked you don't need to turn around"
"Ok let's go there is a way out from here because I can hear that ted is louder so that means both Josh and Carson are up"
"Can you grab my timbs from upstairs?"
"Yeah just go back into the room and if you don't hear me coming down hide in the closet ok? Cooper has been searching the house for you." He nodded t me and I smiled at him and went upstairs

I reach the shoes and grab mine and Schlatt's shoes and turn to run into cooper who looks at the shoes with whipped cream can in his hand

"Hey (Y/N) what ya got there why do you have his boots?"
" I am going to lure him out by taking his boots"
"why do you have yours?"
"I'm going on a walk." Noah looked over at me which played minecraft cave noises in my head
"Ok bye!" I ran downstairs and cooper followed me.
"where is he (Y/N) I know he is with you!"
"he's not see come into room I can show you!"

I make my way to the room and open it to not see schlatt which made me almost sigh as Cooper looked around and went to the closet. I started to sweat as he opened it and no-one was in there. He then left as I sat down on my bed, presuming schlatt to walk in the room as Schlatt slid out from under one the bedframes that was sitting there and stood up

"Here are you boots Schlatty"

We get our shoes on and make our way out the basement door. When we got out, we booked it to my car and clicked on our seatbelts.

"Soo...... Where we going?" Schlatt huffed out some breath
"Local coffee shop and then park for a bit is that's fine. The boys wanted to go to the zoo after all."
"Seems perfect if it's with you (Y/N)"

After a bt of schlatt tweeting about stuff we had made it and walked in. We stood in line for a bit and talked and laughed for a while. Then when we got the the front the lady smiled at us and said

"What could I get for the lovely couple"

We laughed and got out stuff and sat down as I got a text

Carson: Where are you?? Evetytime I ask Noah He just has a shit eating grin on his face

(Y/N): 1. You need to chill so like you're not my bf so like no

Carson: You know I hate it when I don't know where you are

(Y/N): Look I will be back for The Zoo Okay? There is food and just let me know when the boys are awake

Carson: Also where is schlatt? He slept with you last night with you(Not like that I hope)

(Y/N): he needed a homie and no I don't he told me he was gonna go somewhere so chill, Nothing happend and you know that

Carson:Ok whatever

"Is he always like that?"
"Yeah he acts like that all the time and demands all the time who Im talking whether he is there or not"
"Is that why you levae sometimes on stream?"
"let's just relax ok?" He set an arm around me as we finished our food.

It's 4am and those gummies didnt workkk


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