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No-ones pov:
"Alright sweetie, let me show you to your room." Aunt Ivy said. "Thank you Aunty..." Mari said and put her carry on down next to her bed.

"Honey, I'm home!" A strange voice said from the living room. A blonde female came into Mari's room. "Oh and who is this sweetie pie?" She said, pinching Mari's cheek. "Hi, I'm Marinette." She introduced herself. "It's nice meeting ya! I'm Harley." Harley said and walked to Aunty Ivy. Aunt Ivy then started to tell Aunt Harley about this whole situation.

"Well, that's quite the situation.. But we'll figure this out together." Harley said and enveloped Mari in a hug. Soon Ivy joined in to.

A few days later, at the Wayne mansion:
Oh and this is all the Wayne boys:

Damian's pov:"Todd, get off of me!" I yelled, while Flipping Jason over me

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Damian's pov:
"Todd, get off of me!" I yelled, while Flipping Jason over me. "I have to get to school or I'll be late." I said dusting myself off. "Damian, I think you should be on your way now." Father said. I sighed. "Yes father." I said and went to the limo.

"Are you ready to go Sir Damian?" Alfred asked me. "Yeah." I replied.
When we got there, everybody was huddled in a circle. "Can you please say that again!" I heard a student asking the person in the middle of the huddle. "Uh sure.." I heard a female voice say.

"Salut, savez-vous où je peux trouver le bureau de l'administrateur?" She said in a french accent. By then I was already cutting in front of people to see who the source of the voice is. When I got to the middle, I saw a beautiful, petite woman standing there looking nervous. But when I looked at what she was wearing, I started to blush instantly.

"Bonjour, je pourrai vous aider

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"Bonjour, je pourrai vous aider.  Suis moi simplement." I said. All eyes were on me. "D'accord." She said and smiled at me. I held my hand out to her. She took it and intertwined our fingers.

Everyone was staring at us. I'm not surprised. When we walked away, I started a small conversation with the girl. "So, what's your name?" I asked the petite girl. "Marinette." She said. "And you are?" She asked me. "My name is Damian. Oh and we just arrived at the office." I said and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" We heard a soft voice yell. Ringggg. My phone was ringing. "I have to take this. Goodbye." I said and started to walk away.

Marinette's pov:
He was kind. I thought to myself as I walked into the office. "Ah, Marinette Vein I suppose?" A sweet, old woman asked. "Yes miss. I'm just here for my schedule." I said as politely as I could. "Why of course! But first, let me call in your tour guide." She then leaned on her desk and turned on the intercom. "Can Tim Drake please come to my office?" She said. After she gave me my schedule, we heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" The woman said. A muscular and quite handsome man came in. "Yes Miss Sherley?" He asked. But then his eyes darted to me. "Oh I see." He said and walked over to me. "The names Timothy, but you can call me Tim princess." He said in a flirty voice. I started to blush. "I-i'm Marinette.." I said.

"Well Marinette, let's go! Your stuck with me until lunch." Tim said as he dragged me with him.

At lunch:
"Well, looks like this is our end little fairy." Tim said as he bid his fare well and walked off. Suddenly the lights went off.

"AHHH!" I heard someone screaming. Then laughing started. I knew something bad was happening. The lights went on again. I lost it completely, because in front of me was the Joker strangling a poor kid.

"Stop it!" I yelled pissed of. I started to walk towards them. By then the Joker already released the child and he ran away. "Excuse me?" He asked in a sickenly sweet voice. "What is wrong with you?!" This is it. I let all my anger out. "Vous avez des nerfs pour intimider un pauvre enfant sans défense!" I screamed and I saw a bit of fear in his eyes.

"How dare you speak to me like that?!" He suddenly yelled. "Monsieur Joker, watch your tone!" I warned him and stepped closer. "Now tell your goons to leave my friends alone." Silence. "G-goons, step down." Joker said and walked closer to me. And he.... Hugged me?? "I now declare this girl the angel of Gotham. If anyone messes with you, I'll kill them myself." He said in a monotone tone. "Wait, what? Why?" I ask confused. "Your the only person whoever stood up to me. I've never seen such courage, even if I am a villain. But be reassured, this is not the end of my career as your favorite villain." He said and then disappeared.

Suddenly, 'oohs' and 'wows' were heard. I turned around and saw the famous bat family behind me. "Is everyone ok?" Batman asked. "Yeah!" A random kid screamed out. "Marinette saved us!" Another one joined.

"Oh, and who is Marinette?" Nightwing asked in a sweet voice. "Hi." I said. "My name's Marinette." I said and held out my hand. Red Hood shook it. "Well Miss Marinette, whatever you did, you should never do it again. You could have risked thousand of lives." Robin said. Oh no, I'm not taking this sh*t again.

"Well Monsieur Robin, I was actually hoping you would have atleast thanked me for taming the Joker." I said. "Tamed the Joker? Please. You can't tame the Joker." Red Hood said. "Yes she can!" Once again, a random person shouted out. "The Joker said it himself. i even have it on video." That same person said and walked up to show them the video.

"Well then. I guess there is no chance you'll get hurt in the city new girl." Red Robin said. "And while that may be true, I still have to ask you a few questions. So please follow me." Batman said sternly. "No, I'm sorry. You can contact me after school. Here's my number. Goodbye Heroes, see you soon." I said as I walked away.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed.... I'll post next part tomorrow. And remember that i'm making everything up, so please only comment when I did a major error or if you have some ideas. Well, that's all!

Noire out!
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