The Mall

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Recap of the end of last chapter,
"The Dinner":

These past few months dating him and hiding it was so stressful, but now I could actually date him, with no worry or stress.

I just really hope Jace is the one because I went through all the stress and shit for him.

And I hope Raina stays away before she messes anything up.

I hate to act so rude and jealous, but it's just her vibe- and I'm not the only one who notices it.

As long as Jace and I stay thrive in a healthy relationship, we'll be fine.

The Mall

A few days went by since Jace had met my brothers, and it was some of the the best days ever. Everyone got along, and everything was great.

I even got along with Asher for the most part, which is just-wow.

Jace came to my house a few times since then.

The only thing that was different about Jace coming to my house was that my brothers actually knew he was there.

It was so much more relaxing, with my brothers not caring if he came to our house.

I'm so glad that my brothers like him- for the most part.

Sometimes, it gets so annoying and frustrating though.

Asher invited him to play some video games with him for about 50 hours, which I thought was totally uncool.

I just sat on the couch watching them play the whole time and when Jace wanted to go upstairs to hang with me (which was the initial PLAN in the first place), Asher would make him stay.

Eventually, I dragged Jace up the stairs myself and Asher couldn't do anything about it.

Asher needs to go invite his other friends to play videos games with him, not my boyfriend.

I went to Jace's house once since the dinner, but that was it.

His house was really big and nice, but when I went to his house, no one was there so it was just us.

My brothers would kill me if they found out it was just us.

He said his mom was at work, and his siblings
was at his dads, so no one was there at the time.

It thought it was kind of sketchy how no one was there, so I kept cautious.

But it didn't really bother me, as long as he didn't try anything-but of course, he didn't.

He isn't like that and I wasn't worried.

Anyways, right now, I'm in my room packing because for Thanksgiving-which is two days from now-we're going to be at the beach with my cousins Jayden, Issac, and Natalie.

Yeah yeah, you're probably wondering who in the heck goes to the beach in November?

Well apparently my family does, we're weird like that, but I'm not complaining.

The beach is fun regardless, no matter when we go.

Plus, the weather in Florida was great.

This week, it would be 80 degrees and/or higher in Florida.

I honestly couldn't wait to go either because those were probably my favorite people in the world, my cousins.

They live about like 2 1/2 hours aways from us, so it was kinda hard to see them frequently.

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