Chapter 24

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a picture of Wolf/Constantine

Luke's POV

It's been one week since the whole fight thing happened they are coming back today, the school has been interesting. The girls were shocked that I dated Oliver some of them were even jealous of me who knew someone would be jealous of me! well, the boys didn't seem to care much well some of them didn't like the fact that he was gay, but they know not to say anything to him. I and Wolf have been talking some we have couple classes together I found out some things about him, like that he doesn't like to be called by his real name for some reason but I respect it, and that he's from Ireland he tries to hide his accent. But I have told him never to hide something like that be proud of where you came from, the real question why did he want to hide it in the first place? Whatever I'm not going to worry about him right now all I'm worried about is the two-man I'm going to have to deal with today, I walk into school with my head held high I will not let these two know I'm worried about them bothering me because if I do I know it will be worse. As I'm walking people are staring at me more then usual, what's going on? I walk down the hallway where my locker is and I saw Wolf and a few other people standing at my locker some are laughing and some look shocked and Wolf looks sad? Wait why!

I run the rest of the way and see why they are there my locker has spray paint on it with the words 'Faggot' ' kill yourself' ' ugly' ' you're the reason your dad died' I bust out crying why? Why would someone do this who did this? As soon as I start Crying Wolf starts to tell people to fuck off and they listen, he comes over to me quickly " don't cry please it is going to be ok I'm sorry this happened we will get to the bottom of this!" He said with a sweet voice I smile at him but I can not stop crying. Everyone knows how my father died so this could be anyone, my father passed away by a car hitting him because I ran out on the street to get a ball he saw the car coming so he ran to me and pushed me away from the car. My mother always hated me for it she never looked at me the same I mean she was the best mother she could be to my bothers but the love she gave them was different from the love she gave me, she wanted me to die that day not my father.

I sat there staring at my locker for at least 5 minutes I hear Wolf talking but I do not listen, the next thing I know I feel a tap on my shoulder and see it's Oliver he has a softness to his eyes " Luke why are you crying? What's wrong?" He asked with sadness in his voice. I don't respond I just hug him, I'm not sure why but I do. I was ready for him to tell me to fuck off or even start to hit me but he doesn't. He hugged me back wait he hugged me back? The next thing I know I hear him gasp " what the fuck happened to your locker! Who did this!" He says with anger, " I don't know the man I was hoping it was you" Wolf said " why the fuck would I do this? And plus I have no way of doing this I was out of school for a week remember?" Oliver said as he keeps holding me. He has a point he couldn't have done this, and for some reason, I believe him I believe he did not do this. " oh look the slut is back with his ex what a shock" I hear from behind me I know who is is it's Jackson, " did you fucking do this! Because you are bad that he doesn't want to be with you anymore!?" Wolf said with anger " what are you tal.." Jackson stopped talking because I'm guessing he saw the locker, " no fuck that I did not do that Luke you got to believe me" he said I wasn't looking at him but I can tell that he was being serious.

I let go of Oliver " can you take me home please?" I say to him without looking into his eyes I just stare at his feet, I know this is stupid and I shouldn't be letting him do anything with him but for some reason, all I want is him this is bad I think. No one said anything for 10 seconds " Yeah, of course, I can" Oliver said softly I think even he was shocked, even I am shocked that I'm letting this happen, " Luke let me take you home I don't think that's the best idea" Wolf said, " it's ok Kingston he knows if he does anything you will kick his ass right, Oliver?" I say out loud shit I didn't mean to do that " yeah of course" Oliver said with a small laugh. He's acting like how he was supposed to what changed in him? " you have to be fucking kidding me! You are really going to let your ex who beat you raped you made your life a living hell take you home? Your a sad sad person Luke you need help" Jackson said, I didn't get a good look at him but he looks so tired and he looks like he's high right now " Jackson I really think you're the one who should get some help you need to stop using, your only hurting yourself" I say softly. He just laughs at me and walks closer to me, Oliver pulls me back by my shirt and Wolf walks in front of me, " calm down lover boys I'm not gonna touch your toy, remember when he's rapping you, Luke, that you did it to your self" he said with a laugh " oh and I still love you baby boy you will be mine and only mine one day remember that." He said as he winks and blows me a kiss, he turns around and walks away from us. A shiver goes down my spine " that dude is one wired and scary, but you get him safe you understand me" Wolf said as he looks in Oliver's eyes. Oliver nods his head then he takes my hand and we start walking down the hallway.

We make it to his car and he's still holding my hand that's new. I get in and so does he " I'm sorry," he said as he started up his car " I'm sorry for everything I have done to you, I was scared of people finding out who I was because I did not like who I was true. I took my anger out on you when I should've, I'm sorry I don't care who knows my true self I don't care anymore because I want to be happy and I want to live a better life. Yes, I still have problems with my anger but less and less as the days go on." He said as he pulls out of the school, I sit there in shock that I hear that coming from this man. I would have never thought he would say that to me, I'm not sure what happened in that week he had off but whatever change him for the good.

We pull up to my house to see that the boys are gone, I'm pretty sure they are going hiking today. I get out of the car, I want him to come in with me wait why do I want that before I can stop myself I look back in the car and say " are you coming?" I said with a smile, what the actual fuck is happening to me? He gets out of the car quickly I laugh at him. We make it to my bedroom " well that's pretty much what I know about Constantine he's interesting" I say as I have told Oliver everything I know about Constantine " yeah he seems ok but I still don't understand why he wants to be called Wolf what an interesting nickname." He said with a laugh, I laugh with him. I look into his eyes and I realized how much I missed him I was so mad at him for everything that he did to me I thought I didn't love him but I was just mad and I realized that I do love him. I know I shouldn't and I should be kicking his ass but I can't I still love him with everything I have " can we cuddle?" I ask out of nowhere, what is happening to me I'm like growing a set of balls or something. He smiles at me " I would love that" he said happily, we lay down and he wraps his arms around me and pulls me in close to him, this feels like home I like this feeling but I know I shouldn't and I should be careful. And I need to worry about Jackson he really freaked me out today something is wrong with him but for right now all that matters is I feel say and happy I never want this moment to stop....... to be continued

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