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"BITCHESSSS" i shouted walking into davids house with a paintball gun i designed for david

"WOAHHH" they all panicked and began running as Mason vlogged it on my camera

"DAVID YOU ARE A BAD INFLUENCE" Zane screamed as i laughed and aimed it at him "BITCH MOVE" he shouted and ran

I looked for David and seen him running out with his painball gun, i didnt move

"Awe nooo dont shoot your sister" Erin said and i smiled and shot david in the leg as he shouted

"What the fuck, where did you get that from?" He asked "well, i asked mom to get me it with my money, so i could surprise you with a gift" i smiled and held it towards him smiling

"What?" He asked "wait whats that?" He asked and took it seeing all the designs "its a bunch of vlogsquad shit" i said "oh shit...this is cool" he said and looked at me "ah no...hes got his own personal designed gun..." Jason said and i laughed as David hugged me

"Ahhh i still cant believe you are 18" he said and squeezed me as i smiled "ahh remember her in your vines" Jason said and i laughed "ive always been cute" i said and did the cute pout face "ahhh so cute" Heath said and i chuckled

"Masonnnn, you doing her dirty work?" Zane asked and took my camera and faced it to him

"Anyway bye" i said and took my camera and we left laughing

I drove us to the mall just to do something, i looked at Mason "tiktok?" I asked her and she nodded

We walked into the mall and set my phone up as we did the 'shake that thing' dance

I did another tiktok about the one we just did but it was free audio "oh my god" i laughed as Mason fell to the floor laugh "what the fuck, what did he say again?" I laughed "he said, we look like we are off pornhub" Mason laughed and i bursted out laughing uncontrollably i ended up snorting making us laugh more

"What the fuck...ahhhh" i screamed silently

I watched it and we couldnt stop laughing at it, i just posted it without no caption, it explains it all

I went into victoria secret and went to the sexy shit

Then we decided to go head to starbucks and a girl came over "im sorry my boyfriend keeps telling me you are famous" she said..i looked at her boyfriend "i mean i do porn" i said and the girl look at me shocked and looked at her boyfriend in shock

"Are you seriously masturbating over fucking sluts?" She snapped at him "woahhh, porn is porn, its helpful" i said "shut up, i told you, im better, then a pornstar bitch" she said glaring at me

"What the fuck" i chuckled to Mason and she shrugged trying to hold her laugh

"Are you even legal?" She asked "bitch im famous you idiot, im a youtuber, insta model and tiktoker" i glared at her and she paused

"Insta model?" She asked "yes body model" i said "Disgusting" she said glaring at me "umm, okay thats your opinion" i gave her a dirty look and she went to hit me, i moved out the way and grabbed Mason as we walked away

I went on tiktok "yoo this bitch went to hit me, her boyfriend knew me and i told her i was from porn" i laughed "she freaked out and began calling me a slut and bitch, or well mainly pornstars but giving me the look, i then told her what i actually am, and she called me disgusting for being known on insta for my body" i said pulling a face and posting it

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