Bell is where?!?!!???

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Bang... "Augh...Monty phone..." Jasper called out as he groggily-tried to-sit up only to promptly hit his head on the bunk above his

The occupant above Jasper's bunk was a still half a sleep Monty who was also startled awake -not only by his phone going off but also Jasper's head hitting his bunk-

Monty promptly reached down for his phone -which was hanging from it's charger off of his bunk- answering with sudden vigar and professionalism it shocked even himself as he was still in a dream like state

"Hello you've reached Monty Green the Manager of the Skykru... how may I help you?..."

"Yes she's here with me... No I don't believe so... Ok...Wait What??... No don't hang up... Sigh" As soon as he got the blank sound which informed him that they had indeed hung up on him he looked down at his phone with a dejected mask knowing that he needed to tell everyone the news he has

***Time skipp***

After both Monty and Jasper had changed and exchanged a few quick kisses they headed out to the main part of the RV where the Octavia (back up singer), Lincoln (drummer), and Murphy (bass) were

"Who called? And why at 2AM!?" Murphy asks from his position upside down on the couch (A lot had happened)

"Ya what happened?" Octavia asked from where she was laying on the couch

With a saddened/dejected look Monty spoke four words which made everyone sink

"Bellamy's in the hospital."

And with that being said Murphy fell of the couch in shock and pain after Octavia basically yelled into his ear


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