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Rules applyfic ni simple je. Sebab amie pun tak suka rules. Tapi amie buat rules untuk kesenangan dalam sesuatu perkara.♥

1. Stream Howling.
~Wajib stream MV Howling ye guys!!

2. Follow
~Follow la Amie.

3. Form
~Isi form selengkapnya tau.

4. Support
~Do support our book! Read, vote and pon comment juseyo!♥

Here my applierflowerylila SEUNGW00TEARS NurAlya_Tasya sofieyeol taewedges melonminhee


Name: (Korean name)
Favourite song:
Favourite food:
Talents on:
Password: The reason you love Victon.
-I love Victon because...

Thanks for joining!♥

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