One Direction's Little Room

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  Walking back to the icecream, I asked where the bowls and utensils were at.  After being told where, I retrieved the items and opened the freezer burned icecream.  Scooping the ice cream into two little spheres, the microwave beeped.  I opened the microwave to find the nutella a little bit too hot, but it would work. I put the spoon into the hot goodness and let it drip all over the ice cream.  I could smell the chocolate from a foot away and Harry and Niall looked up to see what I was making. 

  "DUDE I WANT SOME!  NO, ME FIRST!  I CALL DIBS!"  They both shouted to each other.  Harry jumped off the counter, setting his coke down beforehand, and Niall ran, no sprinted towards me.  I flinched away, hands covering my face, bracing for impact, but it never came.

  "Katy.  We aren't gonna hurt you.  We just wanted some of what you were making.  It smelled amazing."  Harry told me, taking my wrists, and moving them so that they weren't shielding my face.  Concern leaked through his voice and I saw that Niall was right next to him, his eyebrows furrowed, and a sadish face. 

  "Sorry...I guess old habits die hard."  I said, lightly laughing.  They however, didn't laugh. 

  "No.  Don't say that.  Lets just make the ice cream with nutella and shove it in the guys faces."  Niall said to me, grabbing two spoons and two more bowls. 

 "Ok."  I said.  I watched as they both put generous amounts of ice cream into their bowls, making sure to only leave about a spoonful of ice cream left for the other guys.  Then came the nutella...first, Niall lathered his on, then gave it to Harry, who poured it all over his icecream.  Harry gave it back to Niall who put even more on, and gave it back to Harry.  I watched as they sprinkled sprinkles on theirs.  Putting it looked like complete and utter...uh....cow poop?  The Nutella harded onto the ice cream and it formed little lumps.  I looked in disgust as the boys each shoved a huge spoonful of the ice cream-nutella mixture into their mouths. 

  "ahnt umh?"  Harry asked, holding out his spoon with the ice cream on it. 

  "Uh no thank you."  I say, eyeing the now empty nutella jar. 

  "uit yahself."  He said, shoving it into his mouth.  Then they walked out of the kitchen, leaving me with my somewhat melted ice cream.  I shrugged my shoulders and slurped my ice cream.  I heard girly screams coming from the next room, and I looked out the door.  Niall had Liam up against the wall, Niall waving the ice cream covered spoon in his face. 

 Liam looked at me, and shouted "NO TAKE KATY!!"  while pointing towards me. Niall put on a sick grin and started walking towards me.  I turned and bolted up the steps, running to my room...or what I thought was mine. 

  I ran in and locked the door...only to look around and see Louis on his bed, looking at me. 

  "Uh...hey...I'm just gonna lock this cause Niall is chasing me with his ice cream."  I say to him, locking it in the process.

  "Ok...but you just have to give me some of your ice cream."  He said to me, looking at MY ice cream.

  "Fine."  I say, giving him the bowl.  He lifted the bowl to his mouth and drank some.  He gave it back to me, grinning and showing off his birthday cake mustache. 

  "Awww Lou, who is this cutie?"  I heard from the computer.  I looked at it to find one of the most pretty girls in the world staring at me.  I immediately felt self conscious and blushed.

  "Oh El, this is Katy.  We, or should say, Niall adopted her a few weeks ago.  She is just the sweetest.  Katy, this is my girlfriend, Eleanor Calder."  Louis said to me.  I waved to Eleanor and she waved back excitedly.

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