Chapter 7

Playboy magazines, posters and other assortments lined the room.

“Damn it, Harry’s room.” Louis said under his breath.

“Ok, now that you had your field trip for today, let’s go to your real room and not tell the boys about this!” He said quickly and upbeat as he shut the door. I was trying to hold back my laughs as Louis attempted to protect my eyes from the disturbing pictures.

Louis grabbed my wrist and I yelped. Even though I warmed up to the boys, I still didn’t feel completely “safe” around them.

“Katy, are you all right?” Louis asked me with complete concern in his voice.

“Yeah, I- I guess. You just scared me a little.” I stuttered in the process of getting my words out.

“Oh…Well I’m sorry, but here’s your real room. I hope you like it.” He said while opening the door. Once I could see the contents of the room, I gasped yet again. The walls were hot pink, with big black dots on the walls. There was a queen sized “princess” bed. And by Princess I mean had a canopy covering the top. There were 2 dressers and a desk with a Mac laptop on it. There were also two doors and I opened the one closest to me… “MY OWN BATHROOM!!!” I squealed. I ran to the other door and I found a closet that had about three pairs of clothes in it, all longsleeved shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes, Ugg boots, and a couple of pairs of Toms.  

 "I hope you like the Toms, I picked them out.  They are my favorite shoe brand, I wear them everywhere."  Louis told me, smiling.

  "Thank you, its all just...amazing.   Better than I could ever have dreamed!"  I told him.  

I ran back to him and gave him a huge hug. He stumbled, but caught himself before he fell.  I let go and ran down the steps and gave Zayn a hug at the mirror, the boys on the couches a hug and finally my little leprechaun. I went into the room I saw Niall go into and found him eating a sandwich.

“Thank you so much for the room and laptop and the clothes! I can’t believe that you spent that much money on me!” I said, my eyes getting wide.

“Well, get used to it!” Said Harry, walking into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and pulled out a coke bottle. He then jumped onto the counter, opened it, and took a sip.  We all kinda just adjusted to being with each other.  I sat down on one of the chairs by the kitchen table and just relaxed.  Harry was on his phone, still drinking the coke  and occasionally slurping.  Niall had made another sandwich and I lightly laughed at how much he could eat. 

  "Katy, would you like anything?"  Niall asked me, I nodded my head and thought about what I wanted.

  "Do you have any nutella?"  I ask him.  He thought for a moment, then looked at one of the shelves.  Niall walked over to it, and grabbed the nutella, bringing it down.  I gave him a giant smile then asked if I could look in the freezer for icecream.

  "No, no you can't.  This isn't your house."  Niall told me sarcastically.  I shook my head and said thanks, opening the freezer to find tons of microwavable food...but most importantly, Birthday Cake icecream.  I laughed and took it out.  I unscrewed the cap to the nutella and located the microwave.  I found it and looked at the buttons...they looked complicated.

  "Hey Niall...uh... how do you set it for one minute?"  I ask him shyly. 

  "You press start timer, and push in one zero, zero, and shut the door, and press start."  He said to me, looking at the machine.  I did so and smiled when it started heating the precious, delectable food.  

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