Chapter 1

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"Mom, I'll be fine," I said as my mother gave me what seemed to be the hundredth hug so far.

"Okay, " she said, finally letting go of me, "but please Samantha be careful. Write to me everyday, darling, I love you."

"I love you too mom and I promise I'll write. Bye," I gave my mother one last hug as I boarded the train.

'Finally' I thought to myself. 'I am finally going to Hogwarts.'

My mother had a degree in wizard teaching and had been home schooling me for all of my life. I did have friends and most aspects of life that a person my age should have. But still, I wanted to go to a proper school with a different teacher for every subject, where I could eat with a whole lot of other wizards and witches my age and what I wanted more than anything was to be surrounded by the walls of Hogwarts. I had heard the most amazing things about that school. It had such a warm energy surrounding it in my mind and expectations.

Nevertheless, I do thank my mother for making me work so hard because the only reason that I got into Hogwarts was because Professor Mcgonagall saw the marks that I had obtained over the past few years and invited me to complete my studies at Hogwarts.

When I was first offered a place there, I was truly shocked and could hardly believe it. I was slightly hesitant at first as I thought that maybe I wouldn't be good enough. I thought that me being homeschooled for all of my life would pose a problem for me.

The thing that changed my mind almost instantly was when Professor McGonagall  had lunch at our house about a month before Hogwarts was due to open. She had been to our house many times over the last few weeks of the holidays and she was a very nice woman.

I voiced my concerns and she assured me that I would be just fine. She even said that since my marks were of such a high standard, and that she could gather that I was a reliable and determined student, she would even consider me to fill the position of Head Girl. I knew, and I think my mother knew as well, that that would never happen as I would be new at Hogwarts and it was a long shot, too long of a shot for it to ever happen.

I cautiously walked to an empty compartment, grateful that I could find an empty one, and slid open the glass doors. I closed it and sat down on the comfortable, couch-like seats.

The fabric was soft beneath my fingers and I smiled as I thought of the possibilities of the opportunity that I had been given. With that happiness came anxiety as well. I was quite nervous to be going to a new school. Not only was it a new school, it was going to be completely different to any school environment that I would have been exposed to.

My mind seemed to drift off into a place of hopes and dreams for the upcoming year at Hogwarts.

I was thinking about the things that I had read about the school when there was a knock at the door and i turned my head to see a very pretty girl open the door with a smile.

The girl had kind eyes and rather frizzy hair, which I found to suit her very well. She had her Hogwarts robes on and with a sweet voice she said, "Hi, um, I just came to tell you that we will be arriving at Hogwarts soon and that you should put your robes on. . . Oh sorry, how rude of me, my name is Hermione Granger and you are?"

She extended her hand for me to shake it.

"I'm Samantha Samuels, I'm new here. Thanks for the tip about the robes," I smiled as I shook her hand.

"Its a pleasure. Would you like to, when we get there, share a carriage with me and my friends?" She offered, "I mean, unless you are already with someone."

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