Chapter Four: And By The Winter Solstice, All Hearts Will Be Frozen

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Chapter Four: And By The Winter Solstice, All Hearts Will Be Frozen

"Hey, about what you said yesterday..."

"Did you really not see who it was...?"

"Why you of all people...?"

Deva felt alone; alienated. She didn't remember the day before, nor of how she came to be back at the house. Her dream from last night kept haunting her and a small part of her head kept whispering that she was asleep still. While it could explain why Julian was there, it didn't explain the whore hanging off his arm or the fact that everyone was looking at her, some actually going as far as to ask her question's about "yesterday." What had happened?

"You sure you're feeling good enough to be up and about?" Michael walked into Deva's line of sight, holding a mug of coffee in one hand and some cookies in the other. That was another thing; why, just why, was Michael in her dream? Or even in the Mansion to begin with?! "Here," he passed the mug to Deva and sat down next to her on the sofa, dropping the cookies onto the table in front of them.

She took a quick swig of the hot coffee before setting it down on the table; she'd never been much of a coffee person and the fact that she may or may not be dreaming did not suddenly change her opinion on coffee. "I feel perfectly fine. I'm being serious. What I want to know is-"

"Calm down, alright? You've been through so much. And Deva, I want to know right now, yesterday, did you really not see their face? Did you really not know who they were? Or anything?"

Fury exploded as Deva stared at Michael, and words from her dream, words she'd forgotten, came to the surface. The rules have changed. Kill all you desire... "What the hell do you mean by yesterday?! I've been asleep all this time; I don't know who you're talking about-"

"HELP!" The yell caught Deva off guard, and she spun around, hand smacking the coffee to the ground accidentally. Everyone who was awake and in the Grand Foyer turned not to where the sound of the scream had come from, but to the spot in the room where a broken cup of coffee lay. The virus jolted from within, so unexpectedly that Deva was left helpless while her body launched for the door, towards the yell for help.

She found herself outside, mind barely registering how different the Mansion had become, before she took a sharp turn and ran down stairs that lead to the basement. She'd never been to it before, not even in the two weeks she'd been living in the Mansion when there'd been more people with the virus and not just her and Julian. It still wasn't inviting to her, and stopping at the half open door, dread filled her body. A terrible smell filled her nose, one that reminded her of death; carnage. Bile arose in her throat, and when she finally did open the door, it threatened to spill out of her.

Seven bodies lay before her, all of them mutilated - all of them bloody and dead. The person who'd cried for help sat on the ground, rocking back and forth, muttering softly, "I was only looking... I needed to find..." on and on and on. Feeling even more helpless then than when she'd been questioned on "yesterday," Deva stepped forward cautiously and tried to take a hold of the person, but when her hand met with his shirt-

"DON'T TOUCH ME! DON'T TOUCH ME! HELP ME! HELP ME! DON'T TOUCH ME-" on and on. Like a broken record player wit the volume on max.

Deva backtracked, ready to pass out from the smells and sights all around her, when arms caught onto her, holding her up against a strong chest. Her eyes drifted shut as she allowed her body the luxury of giving up, as she reached out, her hand catching onto a stray lock of auburn hair. ""

"So you're saying that there were seven... dead... bodies down there?"

"Yeah. Plus that one guy, but he refuses to leave no matter how hard we try to get him away. Michael's still down there trying to convince him to leave-"

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