Chapter 1

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Here it is the sequel to following his footsteps. Enjoy.



'I'm coming, sorry!' I called back to my manager Sean. I was backstage on the set of 'This Morning' a popular british breakfast tv show. I was about to be interviewed then sing my newest single 'The way'.

Ever since I came third on the X-factor last year things have been pretty crazy. The day after I got voted off I got offered to join Syco which is Simon Cowell's music label. Of course I agreed. Then since then we have been working on my first album and about a week ago we released my first single. So every day I was doing tv shows and promos to get the word around. At the moment it was number 4 in the charts and still rising so fingers crossed.

My family has been so supportive of me and everything I'm doing, I don't see them as much as I would like to but we talk every day and I see them as often as I can. My friends are a tricky situation. Some of them are loyal, some of them left me and now I'm not sure who to trust when it comes to making new friends. I've been given loads of advice but I think everyone deerves a chance and if they mess it up, that's it.

Which leads me to boyfriends. I haven't had a boyfriend since the X-factor. Frankly I'm way too busy to have one. But even now the odd question about Harry will pop up in an interview and I just have to smile and deny anything ever went on.

Harry was a difficult situation for me. I had ot think about him daily because basically the whole of my first album was written about him so whenever I was performing my new single or anything he would always be on my mind. I haven't had any contact with him since the show. He tried to text me a few times but I never replied. I got a new phone recently and he doesn't have my new number, so I guess that that's it. That ship sailed a long time ago anyway. I'm just surprised I haven't run into him on a show or anything yet.

'3..2..1' The camera man said and suddenly everyone was all smiles.

'Hello and welcome to 'This morning'' Holly said. Holly was a beautiful woman with golden hair and her teeth were just, wow.

'And what a line up we have for you this morning!' Phillip carried on. Phillip had grey hair but still looked quite young. He was also very beautiful..people called him 'the silver fox'

'We have Gino showing us how to cook the perfect pasta, the cast of Downton Abbey will also be here but first of all we have Ariana Grande here with us' Holly continued.

'Hello Ariana'

'Hi Phillip, Hi Holly' I said.

 'How are you feeling today?'

'Yeah, I'm fine thankyou, you?'

'We are fine thank you' Holly smiled.

'So tell us about your new single 'The way'?'

'Well obviously if you watched me on the X-factor you would of heard me sing it then, but it's just about a girl who is in love with a guy and he makes her extremely happy.' I smiled.

'Personally I love the song' Phillip said 'I think it's a hit but, is there anyone who it's about particularly? Like when you wrote it who did you have in mind?'

'No one really, I had just split up with my long term boyfriend at the time and I guess I was upset and I wanted something like what I describe in the song' This has been the story I was going with.

'Really? So it's about fantasy then and not truth?' Holly asked.

'Yep' I said popping the P.

'I seem to remember whilst you were in the house a lot of speculation around you. Because everyone remembers how your boyfriend Josh treated you and what went on there. We don't need to go into it but then a week or two later there was quite a few people who believed that something between you and Harry was going on?'

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