"Mmn, fuck yes," I mewled against the pillows. I felt her cock strike inside me, over and over again until my pussy was dripping for her. I could feel my own build-up coming again. "Oh God, keep going like that. Don't stop..."

Shs grunted above me and squeezed my rear even harder. It was bordering on painful, the way her fingers dug into my juicy flesh, but she knew I loved it like that. It was there to be bruised so I knew I had been fucked properly. Repeatedly.

"Ahhh," I breathed as I felt her hips take over, her strokes becoming shorter and faster. "Ah, fuck, Lauren, fuck!"

She cursed in Italian, but then with a loud grunt let herself release. I felt as her cock jerked inside me, then began shooting thick ropes of her already-buried-within-me semen in me, coating my inner walls in a hot glaze. I shivered and felt myself fall into another small ōrgasm that had me gasping for my breath and left me feeling numb in my fingers.

"Fuck," She groaned as she kept unloading. My pussy kept clenching around her, greedily milking her. "Sweet fuck, dolcezza."

Finally, after another moment of panting on both our sides, I felt Lauren pull out of me, empty and drained. She was breathing hotly behind me, her fingers still digging into my ass. As she withdrew her softening member, I felt her squeeze my globes tightly, then felt how her cūm began leaking out of me; She was juicing me like a fruit.

"Fuck," She whispered as she watched what had to be an erotic sight of my ass and pink pussy, one of them dripping wet and covered in both our juices. "I'll never get tired of seeing this."

I moaned and then shivered when I felt her dip one finger inside me, coating said finger in our juices. She rubbed it slowly against my clit, then up and down my folds. That had me quivering. "Lauren..."

I could barely feel my feet anymore. My knees were locking from being in the same position for too long and my back was hurting from the weight of my belly. But I felt oh-so sated.

"Come on," She said and now moved back, taking my arm helpfully. "Sit up, I'll rub your back."

I almost moaned at the idea. I was tired and now also hungry, but I'd kill for a back-rub.

Therefore, with her help and assistance, I sat up on the bed, feeling how Lauren knelt behind me and began smoothing her skilled hands over my stiff back, kneading her thumbs along my spine where the knots were. I let out a soft moan of bliss. "Thank you."

"I should be thanking you," She replied, placing a small kiss to the side of my neck. Her left hand traveled from my back to my stomach once more and let itself rest on top of my belly. "You're carrying my child."

I smiled a little and put my hand on top of her, brushing over her knuckles. "Our child. And yes, for two more months I am. Then you can have the pleasure of carrying him."

"Or her," She corrected me. She hadn't wanted to know the sex of the baby. The stupid woman wanted it to be a surprise when I pushed it through my vagina. I would consider it a big enough surprise if I actually managed to squeeze this baby out at all.

"Whatever," I said and smiled a little to myself. "As long as it's human and not a macaroni, I'm happy, though in hindsight, a macaroni would be easier to push out."

Lauren chuckled and kissed my neck again. "You would eat our baby if it came out as pasta, dolcezza."

"Speaking of eating," I said as my stomach grumbled. "I need food. Baby needs food. And I need to pee."

She rubbed my back, then pecked my skin for the last time. "Why don't you go pee and I'll go whip up some food for us?"

I still couldn't believe I had bagged someone that could cook. "I'll subscribe to that."

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