Chapter 30

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7 Months Later . . .

"Fuck," I moaned and braced myself on my hands as Lauren thrust into me from behind, the force and depth she was going with almost enough to make my legs give out. "Oh God, Lauren..."

Her hands were on my hips, smoothing down to my thighs and squeezing them as she pushed deep inside me. She withdrew slowly, then rammed back inside me. I saw stars.

"Oh God, please, Lauren," I whimpered as her balls continued to slap against my weeping pussy, her length caressing the deeper parts of me. I felt every ripple and every vein stroke my core, the throb of her cock letting me know she was almost there.

Her hand suddenly gripped my hair and wrapped it around her hand like a coil of rope. My head was forced up and my mouth automatically fell open as I struggled for my breath, feeling how she now begun gradually speeding up her thrusts. I was going to burst any second.

"Lauren!" I cried and wantonly arched myself even higher up so that her thrusts hit impossibly deeper. "Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..."

"Come on, dolcezza. You know you want to."

I wanted to. I was so close. I could feel my core tightening around her delicious cock, just as all of my limbs begun shaking. I was coming. "Lauren!"

I screamed as I came apart and felt how she with a harsh grunt rammed herself inside me, hitting my G-spot with bullet-like precision. I wailed loudly and shouted a string of gibberish as my core locked down around her, spasmed. My arms shook and now also threatened to give out from under me. That couldn't happen.

Almost as if sensing it, Lauren slowed her pace, just as my ōrgasm finally subdued. I was panting hard, but at least I could breathe.

Lauren chuckled silently above me. Uncurling my hair from her fist, she now instead trailed her hand down my spine to my mid-back, until it took a sideways dive and went around my waist to my stomach.

The one that had been rounding out for nearly seven months.

"Did baby like that?" She hummed and leaned in over me, supporting herself on one hand while the other stayed on my taut belly, rubbing it tentatively. She pressed a kiss to my sweaty neck and then peppered some small ones down my shoulder to my shoulder blade.

As if the baby could hear her, I felt a kick - one that Lauren felt, too. She chuckled again and rubbed her hand over my belly once more, soothing it. "I think baby liked that."

Despite my previous statement, I was out of breath. However, I used my well-developed moaning/mewling ability to tell her that I liked it, too. It was for me, after all, I was the one with the crazy, horny pregnancy hormones. Today, Lauren had barely been able to step over the threshold of our front door after coming home from her brief trip to the supermarket to fetch me ice cream before I had jumped her and dragged her to our bedroom.

I never heard her complain, though.

"Lauren," I finally breathed, wiggling a little underneath her. She was still hard inside me. "Cūm inside me. I want to milk you." Because soon someone else would be milking me.

Lauren placed another sweet kiss on my neck. "Anything you want, mammi."

I moaned as she then drew back again and returned to her position behind me. I felt her press one hand against my back, pressing my upper body further into the mattress, as far down as my round belly would allow me to go. She then put both her warm palms on my two equally round globes and squeezed them tightly, causing a purr to slip from my lips. I loved the way she loved my ass.

She moved out of me and thrust back inside. She went slow at first, me still recovering from my ōrgasm, but also partially because I knew she was thinking about our baby. It didn't take long for her to speed up her pace though, when I felt her begin to throb hard inside me, swell up and threaten to erupt.

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