Chapter 29

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"What?" I said and twisted my eyebrows in a confusion. Who the hell was Alexander Stone? I glanced sideways at Lauren for help, but only found her narrowing her eyes at the man in front of us who looked to be only a few years older than Caleb.

Mr Stone, however, offered us both another patient smile before he then repeated; "Alexander Stone. Of course you've come to know me under another identity; I'm A, the man whom your friend has been corresponding with."

"Wait, shit," I said and now lowered my gun ever so slightly to stare at him in mortification. "You're A?"

"In the flesh," He replied and flashed me a million dollar smile that probably would've made my panties drop if they weren't in the pocket of Lauren. "Good to finally meet you properly."

"Properly?" I questioned, but then remembered why his face looked familiar. "Wait, you were our pilot... the one who flew us to Italy and back."

Mr Stone chuckled shortly, then nodded. "Yes, that was me. I would've asked if you enjoyed the flight, but I know for a fact that you did."

I was too caught up in shock to even get affected by his crass comment, because I just realized I recognized him from somewhere else as well. He had been on one of the pictures Lauren had shown me in my apartment, back when she showed up wounded. His picture, along with Caleb and the tattooed guy who remained nameless, were the ones she had emphasized as the ones who started all this. The reason we were on this mission.

"Why are you here?" I decided to question when he calmly sat down in the leather chair again, seemingly unbothered by the fact that me and Lauren were still pointing our guns at him.

"Same reason I know you're here," He replied and now shifted his eyes to Howard whom I had almost forgotten was in the room as well, still sitting stiffly in his chair. "To talk with our mutual friend here."

"Then start talking," I demanded. I didn't trust him one bit. The cocky, better-knowing smirk on his lips was pissing me off. He was acting like he was king of the world. "I'm not lowering my gun until you get that Australian accent flowing and begin telling us your purpose of being here."

"Well, my Australian accent usually tends to work a bit better when it's not being held at gunpoint." He replied and glared at my gun.

I gritted my teeth, ready to plant a bullet in his arm to get him humming like a didgeridoo, but then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Lauren lowering her gun. I stared at him. "What the hell are you doing?"

"He's unarmed," Lauren said and holstered her gun. "Let's hear him out."

"Ha sempre così poca fiducia nella gente?" Mr Stone surprised me by saying in more than a fluent Italian accent. He rose a brow at Lauren, a little smirk lifting to his lips.

If Lauren was surprised, she didn't show it. Instead she shot him a flat look before replying. "Vuoi dire con la gente che nasconde la sua identità?"

Whatever he said made Mr Stone silently chuckle and then lower his head slightly. "Touché."

Lauren gave him a stern look, but then turned to me. "Lower the gun and let's hear what he has to say, tesoro."

I still didn't trust him, but if Lauren did, it was good enough for me. Reluctantly, I therefore lowered my glock and holstered it as well. "Fine. Speak up then."

Mr Stone gave a polite smile and then turned his eyes back to Howard who had remained silent through our back-and-forth. Instantly, I saw Mr Stone's eyes chill and turn hostile. "Well. As I was explaining to your boss here before you two arrived, the whole deal with you two and your false treason, agent Cabello, has to do with C.E.N.T.U.R.I.E.S, the company your boss has been quietly working for," He told and eyed Howard out for a reaction. "I told him about the plan, the USB and the fact that you two would be joining us any minute."

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