Chapter 28

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I heard voices yell and then curses being shouted on the other side of the glass where I was sure Caleb was giving their computers hell. Monroe had drawn away in shock and had spun around to head for the door which automatically locked when the power went out; We were locked in.

"Hey!" Monroe shouted and slammed the door with his fist. "What the hell is going on out there? Get the shit working again!"

"You're so fucking stupid," I chuckled from the dark and then tiptoed away from my spot. "If you'd only set your sexism aside, you maybe would've noticed it was stalling time."

"Stalling—what the fuck have you done?" Monroe growled from the door, and I now vaguely saw him lift his gun, pointing it aimlessly into the dark. "Is this why you turned yourselves in? You wanted to take down the whole CIA? What a fucking suicide mission. You'll never make it past the second floor. The alarms will go off any second and you'll be dead the next."

I rolled my eyes as I edged closer to him, trying my best to keep myself from bumping into anything. I had made sure to memorize the room before it all went black. "We'll see about that, jackass."

Just a second of silence passed before a muted gunshot suddenly went off in the next room where Lauren was, which was then quickly followed by two more. The sound caused Monroe to fire his gun too, the momentary flash of his bullet giving me the quickest sight of where he was standing precisely. I used that to my advantage.

With a roar, I lunged for him and didn't give him a chance to react before I had tackled him to the ground and slammed his hand against the floor. He tried to fight me off, but I just kept bashing his hand against the floor with my own cuffed ones while he fired his gun endlessly, until eventually, he had to let go. I then punched him straight across the face and made him hiss, but then he grabbed me by my throat. In a split second, he had us rolled over and was now sitting on top of me.

"You're fucking crazy," He snarled down at me as I reached up to grab his face when his hands locked around my throat in an effort to strangle me. He squeezed me even tighter and I felt my airways close. "You need to just fucking die. Go into the light, I'll make sure your girlfriend follows soon."

"Fuck... you," I rasped and then with a low, feline hiss, reached down to his crotch, found his eggs and cracked them.

Monroe... howled.

The next second he let go of me, and I watched as he pathetically rolled over like a wounded dog on the ground, clutching his genitals. I got up from the floor in the meantime, panting to get my breath back.

Anger spiked in my stomach as I then heard him utter pained curses like 'fucking bitch' and 'stupid whore' while he groaned on the ground. I growled angrily and planted my foot in his ribcage. "Coglione!"

He let out a harsh breath when I kicked him again, then winced as I crouched down and punched him in the face, too. God, I had been waiting years to do this.

"Next time you look in the damn mirror, remember who fucking did this to you!" I yelled at him, just as the lights came back on. I didn't care. I punched him again and again, and all he did was groan. "Next time you fucking play with yourself, remember who broke your fucking dick. And know that we'll do a lot worse than just that to any man who tries to fucking put us down! Get information, bitch!"

"Camila! Porca miseria," I hadn't even heard the door open and shut. I only knew that one minute I was beating Monroe into a pulp, the next a pair of familiar hands were pulling me off him, bringing me back against her chest. "Camila, merda, he's down. Don't waste more energy on him, we're on a time schedule."

"The hell I fucking will!" I growled to Lauren who locked me in her grip when I squirmed to get out. She had obviously gotten out of her cuffs which I still hadn't. "He's a sexist, chauvinistic pig that's harassed me since the first day I stepped into this building! He's called me a bitch more times than I care to remember," I shouted as I continued to claw in Lauren's grip. "Of course that's his prerogative and this is just mine."

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