What if he knew truth about me? The real truth. Would he still see me the same way?

            I took the bus to the bookstore. I start my work at the bookstore from today. I already brought the fake ID and the clothes with me. I got down near the bookstore.

            There was diner near the bookstore. I walked inside the diner and headed straight for the ladies restroom. I went inside one of the stalls and closed the door. I stripped my clothes and took out the clothes I brought with me. I then shifted into Eve Summers. Shifting into other women was easier than shifting into a man. I found that out yesterday when I changed into Sean. It took more time for me to shift into a man. I slipped into the clothes and then came out. I combed my hair and applied some make up. Katherine didn’t put on much make up but Eve did. I walked out of the diner and went to the bookstore.

            I met Mr. Adams and he explained about the books. All the books were arranged in shelves based on their genre. He asked me to remember where each type of books is shelved. That wasn’t hard. There was also a computer near the entrance. He showed me how to enter the purchase details and how to order a book. After that he said he had some other work and had to leave. He said he would return at 8. I had to work at the bookstore till 8 PM. I still had three hours.

            After he left, I kept browsing through the books. There were a lot of books. Not many people came to the bookstore today. There were only three customers all evening. The first one was middle aged man. All the while he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He was one of those lecherous bastards. It’s kind of my fault though. I did shift into this attractive woman. The second one was an aging old woman, had only stopped by to talk to Mr. Adams and hadn’t bothered to hide her disappointment at his absence. I wondered if anything was going on between the two of them. The third one was a friendly one. She was a blond of about my age i.e. Katherine’s age who was looking for Richelle Mead’s The Silver Shadows. At nearly 8 PM Mr. Adams returned. After he returned I left. I went into restroom inside the diner near the bookstore. Time to go Eve!  I thought and shifted into Katherine. I then changed my clothes and headed for home.

            Jenna called me that night. We talked about the usual girl stuff. She also asked me about John.

            “So what happened between you two today? You did tutor him today right?”

            “Yeah. But nothing happened.”

            “You are such a chicken. You really are crazy about him. How many times do I have to tell you to make your move?”

            I did make my move. Kind of. I wanted to tell her all about it. But Eve made her move, not Katherine. If it was Katherine I would tell her. We talked for some more time. All night I kept thinking about where this would all lead me.

            And after a couple of days Saturday came. Today was the date. I was really excited for it. Today I had to work at the bookstore till evening. I had to leave early today. After taking a shower and gathering my clothes, I had breakfast. Mom asked me about my job. I told her I worked at a bookstore. Before she asked details about which one, I hurried out saying that I was already late and I would tell her later about it, I kissed her goodbye and left.

            As usual I went inside the ladies room of the diner and came out as Eve. I entered the bookstore and started my shift. Around mid-day, my cell phone buzzed with a text.

                                    Can’t wait for the date. See you at your house at 7.


            I smiled. I really was excited for this evening. Then suddenly it hit me. He was going to pick me up at my house. He thinks my house is Eve’s house. What if he runs into my mom and asks for Eve. Oh! Crap. How had I forgotten about it? Frantically, my mind whirled.
           I have to make sure that mom won’t be home when John shows up. But how the hell would I do that? Then I remembered that I told John that I was with my aunt and cousin, when I was Eve. May be I could use that info. But still that didn’t solve the problem. All afternoon I kept thinking about it.

            Not getting any idea, I texted John.


                        Change of plans. Pick me up at the bookstore.


            After some time the reply came.


                        Sure. No problem.

            That seemed like a good plan. I couldn’t take the risk with mom being at home. But I still didn’t have proper clothes for a date. I have to go home. I did buy many dresses that day when Karen came to visit. I have to get the dress and come back to the bookstore. My shift ended at 5:30. After that I changed to Katherine in the diner and went back home. Mom was still there watching TV. I went to my room. After rummaging through my closet for a while, I found the dress. I packed the dress along with a coat in a polythene bag. While leaving home, I told mom I would be late as I would be hanging out with friends.

            By the time I reached the bookstore it was already 6:30 in the evening. I went inside the restroom of the diner to change. I stripped out of my clothes, and then shifted into Eve. I started pulling on the dress I brought for the date. It was a maroon long sleeved bandage dress. To go with it I also wore sheer black stockings and 5 inch stilettos. I came out of the stall and applied make up and perfume. I thought about keeping my hair up or down. After some time, part of my brown hair I pulled up into a high bun, the rest I let hang down my back. After that I looked at myself in the mirror.

            I really admired the woman staring back at me. No one would believe that this beautiful, sexy woman is a teenage girl named Katherine Winters. The dress was a little tight and skimpy, but it hugged my curves along the right places. Before I left, I saw the red stone that was hanging around my neck. The stone looked big and didn’t suit with the dress I wore. Plus I couldn’t hide it.

            Karen said not to remove the stone, as it would prevent any other shapeshifters or hunters from finding us. But I thought taking off the stone just for a while wouldn’t do any harm. So I took off the locket and shoved it inside my purse. Now I am ready to go. It was already two minutes 7. I hurriedly left the restroom. All the people in the diner kept staring at me. When I reached outside the bookstore I pulled on my coat. John wasn’t here yet. I wondered if I was going to be stood up and all of this was for nothing. Just then someone tapped on my shoulder from behind. I turned around to see him.

            “Ready for the evening Miss Summers” John said taking my left hand. I drank in his appearance. He wore a black t-shirt and jeans and black full sleeved jacket. All black. He was breathtaking.

            “Lead the way Mr. Michaels.” I said and climbed into his car.

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