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Two and a half weeks passed since Taehyung and Jungkook started living in Jimin's residence. Or rather, since they were forced to. But, despite that minor fact, it hasn't been so bad.

They've only been out on two separate occasions, but in those short times, they were still able to see just how much the world has changed.

Streets were filled with vampires, everything was overtaken by them. Jungkook and Taehyung weren't able to talk to any other human but themselves. Only rare vampires were accompanied by humans.
And those other humans Taehyung and Jungkook were able to see, had it considerably worse than them.
If you looked at their appearance, they looked good; that had nice clothes on them, they seemed clean, they were almost dolled up. But you only had to look at their faces to see they were miserable.

All of them seemed depressed and it could be seen in the way they talked and walked too. Some had to endure their vampire masters harassing them in a lot of different ways. For some, it was sexual assault and for others pure physical violence. Seeing vampires feeding on humans in public was not a rarity and neither were the dead bodies, most of those completely drained of blood.

Jungkook noticed that some vampires seemed like they actually only wanted to be friends with their humans. But they still referred to them as 'their humans' and those people weren't so keen on the idea of being forced to be friends with someone especially when the person that wanted to be their friend also saw themself as superior and their owner.

And, as a result, everybody was pretty unhappy. Everyone but those who got their kicks from killing innocent human beings, thought Taehuyng.
But in reality, neither him nor Jungkook could claim they were also unhappy. They were pretty content with their life with Jimin in the main.

They had it far better than anyone else and they were safer than before the apocalypse. (And yes, they have started measuring time as before and after the Overtaking. The years stayed the same but when someone was talking about some event they would usually add whether it happened before or after the Overtaking.)

They weren't used or harassed.

Jimin was more than nice and resourceful most often than not. Jungkook and Taehyung guessed Jimin was a bit bipolar because while he was mostly pampering them and genuinely being a nice company, he still tried to push them away when any of the three of them got too cozy for his liking. They felt like he built a wall and while they already knocked down one of those they still kept hitting this wall time and time again. And they were never sure which of their actions lead to that.

It bothered them. A lot actually. They wanted to get closer to him. Because of some other ulterior motives but also because they began to like him ever since their first night at his house. And they hated constantly being pushed away when they got closer or more comfortable. It hurt them.

They also hated the entire system of reign. It was basically royalty.

They already shortly met Namjoon and his husband Jin, and while they appeared nice, honest and honorable enough that still didn't do anything regarding Taekook's feelings towards the way they ruled, the way power was arranged.

It was absolutely absurd to them. Clans were like noble houses and the strongest one climbed on top over a certain area. And those that gathered the most power in the world had more freedom and thus more power. If a bad person managed to get to such a high position, a lot of others could and would suffer, while that person on top would be unstoppable. They probably couldn't be easily removed. And with being a vampire those chances were even slimmer and waiting for that person to die also wouldn't work. So if someone with even slightly crooked intentions gathered too much power... Jimin reassured them that others also in power would stop it and prevent something too bad from happening but Taekook obviously had doubts.

And while all of those vampires could be considered nobles, Taehyung and Jungkook, as humans, were basically slaves. Jimin maybe didn't treat them as such but all the other vampires considered them those. And they had to obey the rules other vampires decided on. Like wearing collars in the streets. It was the reason why despite being stuck inside a house with no (real) windows they only asked to go out once. Jimin didn't care what they thought about that and just bought a pair of most expensive and comfortable ones but it was still degrading to them. They weren't animals, they didn't need a collar. But, that was the law. A new law, of a system that sucked in its entirety to the two humans.

And yet, they couldn't not do as it said and that's why they wore those collars in the theater they were currently in.

"Jimin, do we really have to be here?" Taehyung asked while fixing his collar.

"Yes, I couldn't leave you two alone at the house," Jimin explained for the fifth time that day.

"Why not?" Jungkook bickered. Taehyung nodded in agreement, " Yeah, you left us alone before."

"I've never left the house for more than a few hours without you. This could last for almost a full day."

"Still, Jimin, this is a human auction!"

"I know, Tae," Jimin tried to calm him down.

"Do we really have to witness this injustice—"

"Stop," Jimin cut them off, a bit angered. "Yes, you have to witness it, maybe you finally understand your own position and stop crossing the line," he gave them a dirty look. "And don't even talk about injustices, you don't know half of the things humans have done to vampires."

"That doesn't make it justifiable!" Jungkook still argued.

"It does not. It's still your reality. Enough now," Jimin started walking, leaving no more room for arguments.

Taehyung and Jungkook disgruntedly sighed and followed him. They shared a look, confirming they both felt the same. Jimin once again shut them off and on top of everything they were about to see other humans like them being sold off like pieces of property. They just hoped that those would be treated humanely and sold to morally righteous vampires. Sadly, they already had to make peace with the fact that they couldn't help anybody. They were not some heroes nor did they have any influence. They were just weak humans like those others, just that they were slightly luckier. Just slightly.

Jimin led them to their seat and they all sat down. The auditorium slowly filled with people. Just before the lights darkened Jungkook leaned over to Taehyung, trying not to catch Jimin's attention who was in between them. He didn't speak out loud but Taehyung managed to read his lips.
"Tae... Isn't that your father?"

Anxious, Taehyung followed Jungkook's line of sight. There, just a few rows in front of them and a little bit to the left was indeed his father. Along with his self-proclaimed half-brother, Baekhyun.

He could swear he made eye-contact with Baekhyun but exactly the next moment all the lights completely shut down and the whole room was left in darkness.

He could swear he made eye-contact with Baekhyun but exactly the next moment all the lights completely shut down and the whole room was left in darkness

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