Chapter 38

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Once everyone is done with supper we all start to leave the room. I inform Celeb that our play time will commence at 3am. I tell him that I need to spend sometime with Athena and to let the others know. I then take Athena by the hand and lead her into the kitchen. There all the ingredients are already set out for me by my most truseted staff along with the blender. Athena almost runs to the kitchen island and starts to get things prepared. "No..No.. little one. I will do all of the cutting and mixing of things all you have to do is sit there and look pretty." I tell her as I lift her on the counter. "So tell me what would you like for a mikshake?" I ask her. "A chocolate milkshake with bananas and strawberries." she response with a brught smile on her face. "Okay I'll get the chocolate ice cream out of the freezer while you take off your blouse." i say walking to the giant industrial fridge and freezer. "I'm sorry what?" she asks. "Yep, we have to test all the ingredients to make sure they are not deadly so I will test them." i reply. "Okay but what does that have to do with me taking off my shirt?" she asks. "Do you trust me?" I ask her. He nods yes and takes of her blouse. "Actually just take off all of your clothes cause this can get really messy." I say. "Are you being for real?" she asks. I nod confirming I'm serious. she then takes off all her clothes and is now sitting on the kitchen island near me and the ingredients naked.

"Time to test the ice cream." I say as lay her flat on the counter and scoop a small scoop of ice cream on ther round pregnant belly. She gasps and starts to get up but I hold her down. "How is thi..." she begins to say until I start to lick the ice cream that is meltd and running down her baby bump. "I told you I have to test the ingredients and I am a man of my word now hush." I say as i lick of the last of the ice cream and she shudders under my lips. I then straighten and scoop a few scoops in to the blender. "Ice cream was poison free." i say as a confirmation. "Now for the chocolate syrup." i say as i pick the syrup up and pour it on her nipples. I lean in and wrap my lips around her right nipple in a open mouth kiss. She moans as I lick aand suck the chocolate clean. Moving on to the next nipple I do the same. I straighten and reach for the ice cubes. "Wait, why are you not putting the chocolate syrup in the blender?" She asks. "Well because i still need to test it." i say as i bring a ice cube down her body. "Ice cube really it's just frozen water nothing to poison." she says. "Well we will see if the water that was used was poisoned but first i need to heat the cube to melt it into water and you know what i think i found the perfect spot." i say as i shove the cube into her tight pussy and she jerks gasping loudly. I then pour the syrup onto her pussy as i hold her lips open. "You know i was never one for desert but i can honestly  say it has become my favorite meal." i say before dipping my tongue deep into her sweet pussy. I suck the water out of her opening as if she was the last drop needed for my survival. Licking and sucking has made my cock so hard that I had to free my beast and show him much needed attention with my hand in the mean time. I capture her clit in-between my teeth and gentley nibble sending her to her end. She screams out my name and bares down shooting her pleasure juices over my face and chest.

Once she is done squirting I quickly stand and thrust into her. Leaning down I kiss her hard with need letting her taste her self. She is tied up in passion as she licks her juices of my chin and sucks on my tongue while digging her nails into my arms. Thrusting harder and faster then I ever had before I can feel my end nearing as well as hers by the way her pussy starts to milk me. "You (thrust) are (Thust) mine and (thrust) only (thrust) mine. (thrust) YOU (thrust) WILL (thrust) NEVER (thrust) LEAVE ME. (thrust...thrust...thrust) I WON'T (thrust) LET YOU (thrust) EVER (thrust) LEAVE ME." I say as I thurst in her with all the power and speed in me. She clenches around my cock as I pump mercifully in and out of her. Her juices start to squirt out with every thrust out of her. A animalist growl escapes her causing my release. I fill her with ao much jiz that if she wasn't pregnant already she would be then.

I collapse unto her without even pulling out. Hearing her soft gasps for air in my ear as I'm panting onto her neck. Focusing on her heartbeat syncing with mine as I try to remind myself not to put my full weight on her so we don't hurt Matteo bust still needed to be close to her. This is heaven for me. This is were I belong. Suddenly the door bursts open and Celeb runs in with some of my men. Athena freezes out of fear. I don't move so that I'm covering her from there eyes for no one but me gets that privilege. I give out a deadly growl. Everyone turns out of respect and fear. "We have big problem." Celeb announced. "Shit, okay wait outside the room allow us to dress. Get my mother to escort Athena to her room and make sure she is heavily guarded. Have my mother with her until I return." I order not really knowing what the problem is but knowing Celeb would not have interrupted if it wasn't important.

We are finally dressed and my mother grabs Athena's hand to steady her. "Allow her to rest for I kinda over did it with her and she is going to need the rest cause I fully intend on demolishing that pussy when I return." I state. My mother shakes her head at my words while Athena blushes and her eyes widen. I smirk as I walk away. "This better be serious cause I just had my goddess squirting like a fountain and I wanted to play on that slip and slide so fucking bad. Phillipe her Grandfather looks at me with at what the fuck face as her father takes in a breath. I just shrug my shoulders and continue to walk. My father's laughter rings out behind me. "The Russians are coming for her." Celeb states. "While honestly once they see the state Katherine's in they aren't going to want her so this will be quick." I state knowing no one is going to want a hoe with her back split open. I mean besided torture there is no fun there. "Not Katherine..... Athena....they are comming for Athena...The leader wants Athena for his own and Katherine has promised him that he will have her. He is bringing an army to extract her." Celeb informs me.

"Ready everyone we are going to war. No one takes our Queen." I order. "Already done. I also have Marco's men as well as I talked to Stevens Phillipe's right hand man and he is protecting her now along with he has more of Phillipe's men on the way. "Stevens will not let harm come to her. None of us will. No one takes my baby girl and lives. Combine all of our forces and we are unstoppable. It is time to eliminate any and all threats to our princess." her Grandfather states and we all agree. "The leader is mine though. I take this personal so I will formally introduce my Demon to him. No one takes my Athena EVER!" I state.

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