Forty Two

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December 28th

5:24 PM AEDT

We were in my apartment in Sydney. Baekhyun was in my room sleeping because we left Korea only a couple of hours after his second Gayo appearance yesterday. He attended the first two that he was already scheduled to attend before leaving. He slept on the plane most of the time but given the jetlag, he might end up sleeping the whole night as well.

I went out for groceries and found him still sleeping when I got back. I asked him if he was hungry but all I got from him was his muffled groans. He must be so sleepy. I let out of a small laugh and planted a light kiss on his cheek. I attempted to leave the bed but I felt him pull me to lay down next to him again.

Giving in to his request, I stayed with him for a while. He nuzzled his nose on the crook of my neck, his arm locking me in place. I listened to his steady breathing, gently brushing his hair.

Later on, my brain was filled with the thought of seeing my parents again. Honestly, I was very nervous. Baekhyun...I wasn't sure how he felt about this whole trip. He got me surprised when he indeed agreed with the idea of meeting my family this soon. He must be as worried as I was or maybe more.

Sighing, I could only hope for everything to turn out fine.


7:34 PM

My sister came over. I panicked fifteen minutes ago when I received a call from her saying she was on her way to my place. To think that I was already all rattled and tensed with my sister meeting Baekhyun then what about my parents?

Oh god, let me overcome this.

"I can't believe you're here now. Ugh I missed you, I swear." She exclaimed, pulling me into another hug.

Gosh, I missed her very much.

"And have you always been this pretty or you're just way too in love?" She teased, leaning away.

"Well I'd say...both?" I let out of a small laugh.

"Oh my god." Her eyes grew wide. "I love the confidence!" She added, laughing loudly.

After a heartfelt reunion in the living room, we headed to the dining table to set the food she brought with her. Thankfully, she saved me from all the cooking. As expected, she asked where Baekhyun was, so I told her that he was still sleeping.

We talked a bit about how it was like living in Korea and how it's like to be in a relationship with a celebrity.

"Bub..." She suddenly looked so excited. "You know what, I've been dying to meet Baekhyun. Can you know wake him up or something?" She suggested.

Stifling a laugh, I stared at her.

"Eonnie...he's tired, he went straight from a show and jetlag must be killing him right now."

"Ugh." She groaned. "Well... okay I understand but..." She trailed off as we sat in front of each other. "Okay, so when you confirmed that you were coming with him, I kinda did a lot of research about your boyfriend and oh dear heavens!" Her face wall all animated. "He's such a talented man, isn't he? He dances and performs so damn well. And oh let's not forget about his amazing voice!" She narrated, exclaiming her last few words.

Looks like Baekhyun earned another fan, I smiled at the thought.

"And I was like, oh my freaking god my little sis is one lucky woman!"

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